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Maryam Ifraheem
Maryam Ifraheem
Sir Syed Girls Govt College
Thoughts Of Teenagers
Published On May 18th 2014
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Being a teenager is a normal thing but being a good and responsible teenager is such a proud. When mostly kids are near to their teenage they think that when they become a teenager they can spend their life on their own rules and then there is a negative point set on their minds is that they can do anything. there were no restriction at them, they can make their own decisions and live their life as they want and when these kind of negative thoughts take place in their minds they were starting to destroy themselves and if anyone wants to tell them their right and wrong they become angry and shouted at them  , they don't like any kind of interference in their life not even of their own parents and then this kind of their attitude spoil their life..
Okay!  I know we all want to spend our lives like our way but there is a limit off everything which has been set by the nature .Whenever we try to cross that limits it cause harm only to us. I am also a teenager, when i am not in my teenage my thoughts were not good i also think that i spend my life on my own rules and i can fl like a free bird but when i entered in my teenage i realized that no my thinking and my thoughts were wrong if i carry on my life with my bad thought or thinking oon I’ll destroy my life by my own then from that day i changed my negative mind into the positive. i realized that i have to grown up my acts and my thinking and when i set up my mind on positive point then i feel that the teenage is such a kind of precious gift given us by the nature. At the teenage i have got a special kind of feelings. There is kind of change which is held inside me.. I have got an ability to find my right or wrong. I feel that I’m no more kid now i become big not only by my age but by my thoughts too...Then one day i was thinking that why should i choose my wrong however i have become sensible and knows my wrong and right . From that day i have decides that day being a teenager is not special .But being a sensible and responsible teenager is a speciality of any teenager. Teenage is that age when we can make ourselves able to stand by our own efforts instead of destroying our selves by having a negative thought.
There are some teenagers who learn from their mistakes now we should have to try to learn from our mistakes so that in the future we become role models for our siblings :)
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Comments 11
Aliza  I liked it so much that i saved it in my computer......... Aliza
Nov 1st 2015
aeman Nice...keep it should have been a Aeman
Jun 17th 2014
Fatima It was an outstanding topic but not written very well Fatima
Jun 16th 2014
Maryam Teenage is also very confusing, teens are not elders so can't sit in elders, also they are not kids so can't play with kids. this really happens with me. @ Maryam you are a positive girl and it is million percent true Maryam
Jun 12th 2014
Fatima Very nice Fatima
Jun 3rd 2014
andleeb Its 100% true Andleeb
May 31st 2014
Safa True keep it up Safa
May 31st 2014
unaiza A wonderful theme and moral for teenagers of the present era. I totally appreciate this Maryam :) Unaiza
May 30th 2014
maryam Thank u dear ghazal n ibahim :) Maryam
May 26th 2014
Ibrahim Outstanding..... Ibrahim
May 25th 2014
Ghazal Firdous That's a Fact! Very well written Maryam! Keep it up :) Ghazal Firdous
May 24th 2014

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