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Unicorny Human
Unicorny Human
The Black House (part 2)
Published On May 13th 2014
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Standing on the dusty floor, was a tall creature. The four children Aisha, Maria, Ahmed and Bilal were frozen to the front step in horror.
The creature came out of the shadows. Aisha and Maria gasped. It looked like a mixture of woman and snakes. It was a woman. But the hair of the woman was an army of hissing snakes. Parts of the skin were scaly green. The worst was the face.
The face was pointed, sneering and snarling. The lips were thin and a snake's fork-pointed tongue was sticking out. The amber gleaming eyes were slits.
The children trembled and shook with fear. The snake-woman talked,
"Who isss thisss?" she asked, hissing. Every time she pronounced the letter 'S', it went on longer than usual. The children took a step backwards and the silvery moonlight fell onto them. The snake- woman saw them properly for the first time. Her now glinting eyes, looked delighted.
"It isss children!" she cackled." We finally have sssomething to eat!" There was movement behind the snake-woman and hundreds more appeared, staring at the children, licking their lips.
The children turned around to run, but the snake-women grabbed the children's hands and dragged them inside, slamming the door shut.
"Let us go!" Bilal cried, wishing that he had never come.
" Oh no," said a snake-woman." We will eat you four becaussse you have been poking your nossses in other peoplesss busssinesss,"
"You guys are mental!" Ahmed shouted.
"What did you call us?" said the snake-woman, her eyes flashing dangerously.
Maria elbowed the snake-woman holding her. She immediately dropped unconscious, thought no one had noticed. They were all too focused upon the four children. The snake-women seemed really delicate. The crumpled at the slightest push.
Aisha had noticed and gave Maria thumbs up. She dropped to the floor and kicked out, slamming her foot into the snake-woman's stomach. The other snake-women, realized what was happening and lunged forwards for the children, pinning them down.
"Ssssso you think that you kidsss can fight usss?" she asked, glaring at the children angrily. "Take the girl first," she ordered to the snake-woman beside her.
" Yesssss, Ingra," she said.
The snake-woman reared back, then struck forwards, sinking it's fangs deep into Maria's skin, who fell down, howling and crying in pain.
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Comments 15
Unicorny I don't mind if you don't like it Muhammad, everyone has their likes and dislikes Unicorny
Sep 15th 2014
Aden I like it Aden
Aug 22nd 2014
MARYAM It's a nice story, Arij. But waiting for the next part. Send it soon please... Maryam
Aug 16th 2014
Unicorny Thanks everyone! Tooba, I don't what's happened if you're drawing aren't there. It takes a while for them to come. It happened for mine too.:))))) Unicorny
Jul 22nd 2014
mohammad uzair I dont like this,stupid Mohammad Uzair
Jul 22nd 2014
mohammad uzair I dont like this,stupid Mohammad Uzair
Jul 22nd 2014
Khoula Hmmm a nice one...mazey ki hai..:") Khoula
Jun 8th 2014
Yawar Awesome Yawar
Jun 2nd 2014
Tooba Arij i under stood that how we post drawings but i posted three drawings but still they are not here Tooba
Jun 2nd 2014
unaiza Waiting for part 3:) Unaiza
May 31st 2014
Laibah Please wish me luck for my exam. first one is tomorrow on 23 may 2014. Laibah
May 22nd 2014
Unicorny Yeah, they'll finish by next week. Thanx. Unicorny
May 18th 2014
Sana I hope ur exams finish soon Sana
May 17th 2014
Unicorny Yeah, there's part three, but i'll post it after my exams.:))) Unicorny
May 17th 2014
Tooba Nice is there part 3 Tooba
May 16th 2014

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