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Areesha Zainab
Areesha Zainab
Published On May 12th 2014
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Ali was a very intelligent boy. He always gets first position in class and all the teachers like him. One day his mother told that he was shifting to a new school. Ali was sad but he always listens to his mother. It was his first day at school. His teacher came and told all the children to introduce themselves. All children introduce themselves but the teacher like the most of ali. Rayan was his class mate. He became jealous when the teacher appreciates ali. Ali became happy with his school. First all students like rayyan but now all the students were interested in ali. Rayyan became veer jealous that he had aclever idea. It was lunchtime rayan took ali lunchbox and added something in it and kept it there. A cat was roaming for food when he saw the lunchbox he quickly went and eat the lunch. After sometime cat fell down. When ali came for lunch he saw the cat and his lunch, ali understand that it was done by rayan. When rayan come he was surprised . Ali asked him so he became very sorry. Ali was a good boy so he forgives rayan. All the class became happy.
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Comments 19
AINA MASHALLAH 👍 nice story 😀 Aina
Aug 20th 2015
areesha Thanks alot fatima you can send me your id. In which school you are studing.last thing ramzan mubarak Areesha
Jul 17th 2014
Fatima Areesha sorry i mean ur this story is too good. Fatima
Jul 16th 2014
Fatima Areesha If u want to make me ur friend just accept my friend request. And I want to tell u that i am also on gmail, you can send me ur id and i shall make u my friend on gmail.And ur this poem is so good.I like it Fatima
Jul 15th 2014
Shahmir Good try but some mistakes Shahmir
Jun 25th 2014
shiraz A thrilling story Shiraz
Jun 24th 2014
shiraz A thrilling story Shiraz
Jun 24th 2014
Maikham Grammar mistakes but a good story. Maikham
Jun 11th 2014
Yawar Mistakes!!!!!!!!! Yawar
Jun 2nd 2014
areesha Areesha you can go to my page and then write anything. Areesha
Jun 1st 2014
Areesha Nice story but I have one question that can you tell me how to add stories on my own page because I'm new here , please. Areesha
May 31st 2014
areesha Please labia also fish for me because my paper are also going. First one was of science and I am now studying for maths it's on monday Areesha
May 24th 2014
khudija Some mistakes but good Khudija
May 24th 2014
Laibah Please wish me luck for my exam. first one is tomorrow on 23 may 2014. Laibah
May 22nd 2014
Iram Nice story.Liked your creativeness. Iram
May 17th 2014
Zaynah Intersting story Zaynah
May 15th 2014
areesha Like tooba you write very vert by mistake. I also do them by mistake Areesha
May 13th 2014
Sidra Nice story Sidra
May 13th 2014
Tooba A little grammar mistakes but a vert nice story Tooba
May 13th 2014

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