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Shiraz Larik
Shiraz Larik
Karachi Grammar School
Fahad And The Monsters
Published On May 11th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Fahad he loved to see dreams but sometimes he had seen dreams that were very scary but he didn’t care about them he usually had great dreams like being in a fairytale he also liked fairytale story but one day when he was sleeping he saw a dream in which he was playing with his friends fahad was very happy at that time but suddenly a huge creature came he was just looking like a monster fahad and his friends became terrified and cried for help but there was no one around they ran to save their life the monster ran after them fahad saw a cave they quickly went inside and hid there they saw more monsters there fahad got a brilliant idea he collected some rocks and made a huge cage suddenly fahad called the monsters and threw rocks on them the monster came after fahad climb a tree and threw the cage the monster were trapped everyone appreciated fahad suddenly fahad woke up and told his parents about the dream.
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Comments 5
Umair Haha Umair
Jan 10th 2015
ALVINA Good story Alvina
Oct 23rd 2014
Shaheer Just FINE Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
Zaynah GOOD. Zaynah
May 15th 2014
Tooba Scary dream but a nice story Tooba
May 12th 2014

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