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Hibba Haq
Hibba Haq
Lahore Grammar School
Horrible Subjects
Published On May 11th 2014
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Rank 8 Out of 10
The horrible subjects in my school
Are making me a total fool
Let's start with English literature
It's a complete pain and torture
Next comes English grammar
It's too difficult to remember
Maths is all about solving problems
And many confusing algebraic sums
So now it's the turn of biology
And his friends, physics and chemistry
Urdu is the biggest torture
With a pistol, I’d like to shoot its inventor
Furthermore it is geography
It doesn't seen interesting to me
In the end, it's the confusing history
It's just a fake old story
But still I have to study all of them
As my future depends on them!
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Comments 105
hibba Thank youu fatima:) Hibba
Dec 1st 2016
Fatima Good!Poem <3 Fatima
Nov 18th 2015
hibba No, i hv manyy frnds on dat website Hibba
Jun 15th 2015
Areesha nobody is ur friend on that website Hibba?? Areesha
Apr 5th 2015
hibba Lol Hibba
Feb 6th 2015
Areesha Hibba i was gonna ask this from u too :-P Areesha
Feb 5th 2015
hibba Idk Hibba
Jan 6th 2015
Hadia Hai............. Hadia
Dec 31st 2015
Areesha So how can i invite or search u? Areesha
Dec 24th 2014
hibba Girlsgogames.. MissFashion14 :) Hibba
Dec 19th 2014
Areesha Busy :-p......will enjoy exams after this week hibba with which name or no. u r on girlsgogames?? Areesha
Dec 9th 2014
hibba Yeah.. Why areesha????? Hibba
Dec 7th 2014
Areesha Aah !! Came after so much days :-D Areesha
Dec 6th 2014
hibba Hey fatima!! I'm good wbu? Hibba
Nov 4th 2014
Fatima Hi hibba How r u ????????? Fatima
Oct 31st 2014
hibba I can't give u a suggestion as that didn't happen with me ever :/ Hibba
Oct 11th 2014
Areesha Hibba one thing is making me angry. I aimed to attempt a free magazine quiz for the magazine of November 2014. But they said u cannot attempt quiz bcause u hve already attempted even I or my brother haven't touched it! what should I do?1 Areesha
Oct 9th 2014
Areesha Thank u. You r my best friend at vshine :-) :-D ;-) Areesha
Oct 9th 2014
hibba To u too :) Hibba
Oct 7th 2014
Areesha Happy Eid ul Azha Mubarak to all my friends! Areesha
Oct 6th 2014
hibba To u too Hibba
Oct 4th 2014
AINA Advance Eid Mubarak Aina
Oct 4th 2014
hibba :) ok Hibba
Oct 1st 2014
Areesha Ok Areesha
Sep 28th 2014
hibba Areesha no im not sorry Hibba
Sep 27th 2014
Areesha Hibba r u on whatsapp or viber ? Plz if u r then send ur mob no. i'm not insisting u 4 that:) Areesha
Sep 24th 2014
Areesha Aina if u r engaged in ur monthly tests so why sorry?? Its good 2 prepare & study. I am again saying no need of sorry Areesha
Sep 24th 2014
AINA Oh sorry I was ingaged in monthly test I was not using vshine because of monthly test Aina
Sep 24th 2014
hibba O good luck then.. :) My monthlies will start after bakra eid :) Hibba
Sep 21st 2014
AINA How r u Hibba i m involved in my monthly test so i can not talk with someone even with my cousin also how is u r school going on is ur monthly test started Aina
Sep 19th 2014
hibba Areesha nothing.. My monthlies will start after bakra eid.. What about U? Hibba
Sep 18th 2014
Areesha Everyone's busy in homeworks, learning and many things:) Areesha
Sep 17th 2014
Areesha Hibba are ur monthly tests going on? Areesha
Sep 16th 2014
Areesha Which topic iz going on between two friends? ;-) Areesha
Sep 16th 2014
hibba Nnupp aina im not sad :) Hibba
Sep 15th 2014
AINA Okay I m now happy be coz I was so worried that u r sad from me Aina
Sep 15th 2014
hibba Aina i dont knw her and tht not a big thing i gues? im not sad :) Hibba
Sep 13th 2014
AINA If u don't know her so its okay leave her wll talk some funny right r u sad Fromm hibba plz if u r sad plz don't I will dont MSG u that type if msges Aina
Sep 12th 2014
hibba I am talking to u aina :) Hibba
Sep 12th 2014
AINA Plz talk with me Aina
Sep 11th 2014
hibba O thts nice areesha i also started Olvls frm grade 8th :)) And yeah thanks :) I am reallly v friendly :) Hibba
Sep 9th 2014
khadija Nice to meet you!:)are you on google ?I mean do you have an account on it? Khadija
Sep 9th 2014
khadija Oh I see ...I m in 8... Khadija
Sep 9th 2014
Areesha I started matric in this class(class 8th). You also started olevels in this class? And Khadija:) that's true she loves to make friends, she has also sent u a message:p Areesha
Sep 8th 2014
hibba Khadija.. Hi! :) Im fine U tell?? And Areesha Aina'z just a vshine friend :) im starting my O lvls nxt year :) wht abt u?? Hibba
Sep 7th 2014
Areesha Is aina your school friend or just friend on vshine? Areesha
Sep 7th 2014
Areesha You study in matriculation system or olevels? Areesha
Sep 7th 2014
khadija How r u? Khadija
Sep 7th 2014
khadija HI HIBA! Khadija
Sep 7th 2014
hibba Aina my parents also dont allow me to put my pics but vshine is safe im telling u :) Areesha its okay i dont mind :) Hibba
Sep 6th 2014
Areesha Sorry Hibba for last message. It was sent by my younger cousin. Plz don't mind Areesha
Sep 5th 2014
AINA Hibba i like u very much and u r so cute as well i havent give my pic because my parent stricly mind this mmmmmmmmmm because i m girl thats why :) Aina
Sep 3rd 2014
Areesha You are bad bad bad Areesha
Sep 2nd 2014
hibba Thanks!and yeah no prblm... :) Hibba
Sep 2nd 2014
AINA I want to talk with u today i m so happy because of u and again thanx from me would u like to talk with me plz tomarrow INSHALLAH Aina
Sep 2nd 2014
hibba Yup areesha i am! i get like 5-6 HWs daily.. i knw u can understand... hows school goin'? Hibba
Sep 1st 2014
Areesha I know that you reply late because you are busy in school works. Im tooo!;-) Areesha
Aug 31st 2014
hibba When i wrote for the first time, it took more than 1 and a half months to publish it so u gotta w8 maybe.. and theres nothing u hv to take care of :) Hibba
Aug 29th 2014
Areesha No problem if you gave late reply. Ok Hibba just tell me that why Vshine world don't approve my things? (I wrote them poem,story etc) and I use to check two times about mistakes. So what's the problem? Is anything we have to consider while writing them? Areesha
Aug 26th 2014
Areesha No problem if you gave late reply. Ok Hibba just tell me that why Vshine world don't approve my things? (I wrote them poem,story etc) and I use to check two times about mistakes. So what's the problem? Is anything we have to consider while writing them? Areesha
Aug 26th 2014
hibba Yup areesha.. here everythings f9.. its all in Islamabad.. im at wah cantt :) but the roads to isl are blocked :/ we cant go there.. and sorry for late reply.. actually i didnt get time :( Hibba
Aug 24th 2014
Areesha Hibba you are not sending answers since a long time. Are you okay? Areesha
Aug 23rd 2014
Areesha Your house's surrounding is OK? Because nowadays there are long march in your province Areesha
Aug 16th 2014
hibba Oh thats really amazing! my school will start frm 26th of Aug 2014 :) im really excited !!! :D Hibba
Aug 15th 2014
Areesha Its going awesome. Tough studies have started. On 14th August we will celebrate + there will be Eid Milan party. Whooooo!!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!! When your schools will start? Areesha
Aug 13th 2014
hibba Areesha my school has not started yet :)) wot abt urs? hows it going? :) Hibba
Aug 12th 2014
Areesha Hibba now schools are started, are you enjoying? When your first monthly tests will held? Areesha
Aug 12th 2014
hibba Areesha ... Mind game is in the magazine... u play it and send all the answers to vshine via email ... :) thats simple.. and then some top winners get an email frm vshine and receive their prize :) Hibba
Aug 9th 2014
Areesha So how do other kids win the Mind Game prize? Areesha
Aug 8th 2014
hibba Areesha u can make an acc on dressup247 or girlsgogame :) i am also on them :) and u hv to simply mail them via yahoo,hotmail,gmail etc. but one thing i want to tell u that me messages hv never been selected :( Hibba
Aug 6th 2014
Areesha Hibba how can we send Mind Game answers through E-mail? I mean that we should simply mail them or any other method? Areesha
Aug 5th 2014
Areesha I agree but Hibba the problem is that I cannot join twitter or Facebook because my mother not permit me. Which of these other websites do u use? Areesha
Aug 3rd 2014
hibba Actually areesha if they add a chatting corner then this website will no longer be educational and knowledgeable :) there r many other chatting websites ... u can join them :) Hibba
Aug 2nd 2014
Areesha Nice choice! Mine was turquoise+pink color. Sometimes I think that V shine page should also add a chatting corner. Do you agree? Areesha
Aug 1st 2014
hibba Thats nice :)mine was blue wot color was yours? Hibba
Jul 30th 2014
Areesha Alhamdulillah I got best dresses for Eid! How is your's? Areesha
Jul 30th 2014
hibba Eid mubarak to u too Areesha!!! Hows ur dress? Hibba
Jul 29th 2014
Areesha EID MUBARAK TO ALL! Areesha
Jul 28th 2014
hibba Anytym :) Hibba
Jul 27th 2014
Areesha Thank you dear:) Areesha
Jul 26th 2014
hibba Areesha u can msg them by ur email :) Hibba
Jul 25th 2014
Areesha Oh yes but how can we send comments for article "DEAR EDITOR" in magazine Areesha
Jul 24th 2014
Areesha OK Hibba thank you very much Areesha
Jul 24th 2014
hibba Areesha :) i am in Lahore Grammar School :) n for giveving things for the magazine... u go to my page and select poem or stories or articles etc and click add yout pg and then write whtevr u want n then submit it , it will b approved in a couple ofdays 5-6 , then evry month 5 my page winners r selected which means their stuff is selcted they get gifts n then ONLY SOMETIMES their things get ublished in the magazine :) if u wanna ask uncle shine, clcik UNCLE SHINE frm the opts above and ask him questions :) Hibba
Jul 21st 2014
Maryam Must say Urdu is our national language, respect it, and rest of all are right. :))) Maryam
Jul 20th 2014
Areesha Hibba I am also in grade 8th. I study in sadeqain grammar school Karachi. In which school do you study? And please tell how and from where I can write for magazine for example commenting, writing story, and ask uncle shine etc.. Areesha
Jul 20th 2014
hibba Hey i am in grade 8th and wot abt u? i am the 2nd one in the pic the first one is my bff :) where do u liv and ur school etc. ??? Hibba
Jul 18th 2014
Areesha In your profile picture, which one is you? The first one or second one? Areesha
Jul 16th 2014
Areesha Ok Hibba and thanks for accepting my friend request. Tell me in which class you are. Do you know, I also love making friends. You are a good writer and I think this habbit will help you to be a good person in future. Areesha
Jul 16th 2014
hibba Areesha i hv accepted ur frnd req and this poem is just a JOKE dont take it serious plz :) Hibba
Jul 14th 2014
Areesha Hiba please accept my friend request. Your poem is nice but if you will have no interest in any subject so which subject do you love?. Areesha
Jul 13th 2014
hibba Oh yes ! i know mam amna very well she was my history teacher . i have accepted your friend request :) Hibba
Jun 12th 2014
Fatima Hi! Hibba . I want to say something with you.My mother was a teacher in your school and her name is ma'm aamna but she had left LGS and now she is teaching in The City School. I have sent u friend request if you want to make me your friend just accept my request Fatima
Jun 11th 2014
hibba Mention not ada! Hibba
May 23rd 2014
ADA Thank u Ada
May 22nd 2014
hibba Ty ada and maryyem Hibba
May 21st 2014
ADA Plz forgive me :( Ada
May 20th 2014
ADA Sorry i didnt read it full i also give u 10 keep it up Ada
May 19th 2014
Maryyem Awsome poem :) .................... <3 Maryyem
May 19th 2014
hibba Oh tooba thnku so much LOVE xD :) Hibba
May 17th 2014
Tooba Ok hibba i was just joking i gave you 10 out 0f 10 dont u know wat is joke.haha yar Tooba
May 16th 2014
hibba Ushna , tooba , ada:( u guyzz made me saddd :( Hibba
May 15th 2014
Tooba Not good but yeah but i give u 8.99/10 Tooba
May 14th 2014
ADA Not nice Ada
May 13th 2014
Ushna NOt nxe😟😩 Ushna
May 13th 2014

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