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Asiya Imran
Asiya Imran
Julia Morgan School
Published On May 11th 2014
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I was sitting at the window, listening to the birds chirp and the boys playing cricket on the road. It was so peaceful. No-one was home. My mother had gone to do some chores, my two sisters were sleeping and the twins were also asleep. So, technically, I was alone.  
So, there I was, sitting on the chair and looking out of the window at the birds chirping , the trees whispering; the sun casting strange shadows as if it's trying to tell us something in code-language, and, above it all, I could feel the calm summer breeze on my face and hair. It was like the wind was teasing me, it's fingers playing with my hair and face.
Overall, I was feeling something I haven't felt in a long time; freedom and playfulness. Freedom because of the breeze and the nature. Playfulness because of the boys playing cricket downstairs. As I' was looking down at them, I felt a wave of nostalgia come over me. They were having so much fun, laughing when their ball got stuck on the roof of a house. Standing on top of each other's shoulders to get to the ball, playfully falling on top pf each other, punching and hugging as well. They were looking like they were having the time of their life. And I was once like them too, in school. As the flashbacks come back to me, I remember a skinny eight year-old, running away from the teacher she just pulled a prank on, with her "partners-in-crime" just behind her. Playing in the sand, making 'sand-balls'(a substitute for snowballs!), sneaking up behind classmates and throwing the sand-balls  and receiving a handful in your hair and eyes yourself as you run away from your victim. And the dangerous things! Breaking the rules, and the feeling after just having broken a new rule.
And now, as I'm looking down at them, I picture myself in their shoes. It's been so long that I did something 'bad', 'unladylike' or 'tomboyish', like screaming at the top of my lungs, hair untidily strewn across my face, and just running, running, running, from the 'crime-scene' or 'prank-scene' as we called it.
As these flashbacks come back to me, I am realizing this; my childhood is gone. Now that I'm no longer a child, everyone expects me not to behave like one. But my heart still yearns to be one, that 'freedom', that utter feeling of 'bliss'. And so, sadly I say goodbye to my childhood. Now I understand what my mother used to say, about her childhood, how she 'misses' it and stuff. I am going through the same phase now.
I wish i was a boy myself, running and playing all day long without a care in the world. I can't believe that six years ago, I couldn't wait to be 'grown-up', a 'teenager' and other nonsense. But now it looks like I was happier and free then. I would like to tell all those 8-10 year olds out there to have as much fun as they can because life gets so much tougher as you grow up. I'm fourteen now and I know that kids can't wait to be a grownup, to be treated like one, but trust me, "responsibility" is the word you'll be hearing all the time in your teenage years. Pull as much pranks, but don't forget your studies, and you'll be really happy. I can't believe I'm giving 'advice' to the kids. ;) I am now officially a "GROWN-UP"!!
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Comments 22
Munkashay *heals you to life* Munkashay
Dec 30th 2015
Asiya Hahahahaahaha. YAyyyyyyy. I am freaking out. How the hell did my story get published??!! Impossible! EEEK!! *dies* Asiya
Oct 8th 2014
Munkashay Did you see? Did you see? Your story got posted in V shine's Young Writer's part! Wow, right? Munkashay
Sep 17th 2014
HAFSA Hey ayesha khadijah baji was asking that does ayesha LIKE fatima huda very much???????? ;) Hafsa
Aug 24th 2014
Gul Noor Right now, I'm tomboy - ish but, you're right. I can't wait to be a grown up! But seriously, Responsibility is the last word I wanna hear. I guess it's true. Your article, I mean. Gul Noor
Jul 27th 2014
Munkashay GREAT, AYESHA! "Utsukushi to shinjitsu!" This is Japanese, meaning:"Lovely and truthful!" Munkashay
Jul 17th 2014
Shumaim *Will you? Shumaim
Jul 8th 2014
Shumaim Well then let bygones be bygones! Are you? Shumaim
Jul 5th 2014
Asiya Of courseee, Shumaim.. Bygones are bygones... Asiya
Jul 4th 2014
Shumaim Hey Ayesha, long time no see, well I guess we can be friends again because all that happened before was a big misunderstanding and it made a huge wall between us, so I guess we can break the wall together now! Can we? I really miss those 'happy' days! Shumaim
Jul 3rd 2014
sawera Hey ayesha how are you?your story is awesome! & ayesha your sis has not accepted my request till now?:( I'm waiting! Sawera
Jun 24th 2014
Asiya Hafsa, I have no idea what you're talking about!! What so you mean??-_- Asiya
Jun 13th 2014
HAFSA Ayesha keep it up yaaar!!!! VERY GOOOD:) IT IS SUCH A NICE STORY;) (you know what i mean;)) Hafsa
Jun 8th 2014 Same comment like tooba
Jun 5th 2014
Saadia Didn't really read the whole thing there Saadia
May 21st 2014
Asiya @Areesha: Yeah, there's this problem with this site. You can only upload certain types of pictures which are jpg. (They have jpg written after their name) So before you choose a picture to upload, you have to check if it is jpg or not. Asiya
May 21st 2014
Asiya @Sawera: Sure! I did accept your friend request..:) Asiya
May 21st 2014
areesha Ayesha can you tell me how to upload the pictures. I tried but it was written something like jpg Areesha
May 17th 2014
Manahil Nice1!! Manahil
May 16th 2014
sawera Thanks Ayesha for accepting my request:).Tell your sis,deejah to accept my request plzz.! Sawera
May 16th 2014
Asiya Thank you!! Asiya
May 14th 2014
Tooba Nice story i really loved it!KEEP IT UP! Tooba
May 12th 2014

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