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Sarah Ahmad
Sarah Ahmad
The Dark Goblin Master
Published On May 3rd 2014
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"Aunt Katie come and look, what is this thing? I think it’s a box. I can't open it". To Jake that little box was the most mysterious thing in the world. He just found it in the cemetery. Aunt Katie was an enormous woman, perhaps twice the size of her own husband. She had untidy hair which always lay on her shoulders. Jake always thought that aunt never got the time to comb those bushes on her shoulders. Aunt Katie was not an easy person to deal with; even her husband trembled when her mood came to the peak. Aunt Katie and Uncle Joe owned a barn. They also possessed a large truck, big enough for a woman like Aunt Katie to sit in. That truck was a junk, it made so much noise that usually when Uncle Joe was about two miles away from the barn and people in the barn knew that Uncle Joe was on his way home. Jake on the other hand never tried to mess up with his aunt and uncle. He always stayed out of their way. Jake was rather bony perhaps because of the word load on him.
Jake in his free time visited the cemetery where his mom and dad were in a deep sleep; not knowing what was going on with their son. Aunt Katie also owned a shop in the city and went there to sell clothes each morning. Uncle Joe on the other hand managed the barn and Jake was appointed to do all the house chores and to clean the entire barn along with the cemetery. That wasn't an easy job. Jake slept in the attic with all the mice and spiders. In the morning he was given one egg, a mug of milk and a piece of bread coated with steaming cheese.
But this was a special morning when Jake found the box while cleaning the cemetery (graveyard). Aunt Katie was in a good mood too. She came towards Jake, held the box and examined it. "Well, looks no more than a junk t' m'", as she spoke she spat all over Jake's face. With that she threw the box on the ground and went inside. But Jake knew that there was something special about that box. It didn't have any key hole and that’s what made it an extraordinary thing. Jake picked the box and with disappointment and placed it in his pocket. It was almost evening when he finished his work. Tired and sleepy, he went to the kitchen, picked a loaf of meat, fried it a bit and placed it on a slice of cheese coated bread. It got difficult for him to climb the stairs all the way to the attic. He fell on his bed and went in a deep sleep. It was about midnight when he felt that his room is filled with heavenly light.
He got off his bed and looked at the box, to his amazement he saw a tiny creature standing in front of the box. The creature was about the size of a ballpoint pen and it wore a majestic cloak. The creature had long pointed nose and long pointy ears. The cloak was glittering and it had what seemed to be diamonds on it. Jake for a few minutes stared at the creature's get up and then said, "Ahmmmm! Sir how may I help you? Have you lost something?”. “No, I just found it. This box belongs to me. When I was flying above the human cemetery it fell and now here it is", the creature notably seemed so happy, but when it saw Jake puzzled he said, "Oh! Sorry not to introduce myself, I am Avian King of the Goblin community and you are?" Jake recovered himself and told the goblin king his name and all. "You are very nice boy indeed Jake now tell me, when you found this box, was there any black cat around you?” Jake thought for a moment and said," There was a cat, a black one but it was acting peculiar". The Goblin king seemed worried, "Thank gobliness you picked it up on time. In the wrong hands this box is not safe. It also means that the dark goblin master is lurking by. I think I should leave now. I must take you as well". Jake didn't understand. Goblin king demanded Jake to hold his hand and with one hand he held the box, he muttered something and a vortex opened before them. In about a minute both of them were swirling in the vortex.
Jake opened his eyes and saw that he was standing in the middle of a grand hall. He was exactly the size of the goblins. It seemed as though it was a ball going on. When Jake searched for the goblin king, there he was sitting on a throne decorated with the most fascinating jewels Jake ever saw. With the king there sat a young goblin princess probably more beautiful than his own father. The Goblin king called Jake on the throne and asked him to sit with him. He introduced Jake to his daughter and ordered everyone in the ball to go towards the feast table. After an hour or so Jake saw a whole crowd of people running and screaming, behind them all he saw a big dark cloud with thunderstorm. Riding the cloud was a dark figure. The figure stared directly at Jake and came rushing toward him. Terrified, Jake ran for his life towards the corner of the hall. The king was hiding there as well. "He is the Dark Goblin master; he is here to take the box. You must stop him and here is the key to do so, somehow break his staff and he will die". Jake found his courage and marched into the hall, armed with a sword that the goblin king gave him. He ran towards the dark goblin master. The master was clever enough, he saw Jake running towards him and sent three curses, one hit Jake and he fell to the ground. The dark master sent several more jets of curses and to defend himself Jake used his sword as a shield. One of the jet hit the sword and was reflected back towards the dark master this time towards his staff and after a loud 'BAAAAAAAAAAANG!' his staff was nothing but a pile of ash and that was the end of the dark goblin master, he fell to the ground and with a loud shriek he died.
Jake felt proud of his courage. The Goblin King hugged Jake and gave him the sword as a reward. That night in the Goblin king's palace a grand feast was arranged just for Jake and to celebrate the end of the dark master. Jake wanted to know what was in that box and the king revealed it. He touched the box and it flung open and there was a tiny ring "This is my wife's ring and it contains unbelievable powers" explained the king. It was time for Jake to go; the vortex took Jake to his attic. It was still midnight and the hands of the clock were exactly where Jake left them. Jake fell asleep really fast and when he woke up he thought it was just a dream. When he was cleaning his bed something fell on the ground it was the sword from the king of the goblins and it was tiny alright. It wasn't a dream after all. Jake was so happy. He kept that sword in a box and still Jake feels that the goblin king and his daughter visit him often when he is asleep. Whenever you see a box pick it up perhaps it belongs to the goblin king.
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Comments 12
Aiza Nice Aiza
Jul 14th 2017
Areeba Your story is good but you are tooooooooo much proudy (it is clear when someone opens your about me text) Areeba
May 25th 2016
Admin @Sarah Ahmad... you are required to send your complete address and cellphone no. at our email address your above story was published in June 2014 entitled "The mysterious box", we apologize to contact you too late... a complimentary letter and cheque is sent to the story writers getting full page in magazine... your info is required in order to send these ...thnx Admin Admin
Oct 6th 2015
sarah Thanks, all of you. Sarah
Jul 21st 2014
shinza You have done a great job! Shinza
Jun 3rd 2014
Anusha Awesome story :) :) :) Anusha
Jun 2nd 2014
Ashra Good Ashra
May 15th 2014
sarah Thanks arij Sarah
May 5th 2014
Unicorny This story was amazing! I liked it! Unicorny
May 4th 2014
Tooba Cool Tooba
May 4th 2014
Manahil G0oD 1!! Manahil
May 4th 2014
sarah Plz like my story guyz Sarah
May 4th 2014

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