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Tooba Fatima
Tooba Fatima
Ems High School
Published On May 2nd 2014
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Nose – Your nose plays a key role in your sense of taste. You may remember that the last time you had a cold, nothing tasted quite right. That was because your nose was all stopped up. When you eat, vapors from your food float up through the back of your throat and into your nose. Then your nose reports what it smells to your brain. Your brain must have information from both the taste buds on your tongue and the sensors in your nose to tell how something really tastes. Lungs – your lungs inhale (breathe in) and exhale (breathe out) about 12 to 20 times a minute when you are at rest. Each time you inhale fresh air into your lungs; the blood in your circulatory system picks up oxygen and drops off carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is pushed out of your lungs when you exhale. Blood that is loaded with oxygen is bright red. The iron in your blood holds onto the oxygen until it can be delivered to your muscles or another part of your body that needs it. After delivering oxygen and picking up carbon dioxide to take back to your lungs, your blood turns blue. When you skin your knee or bleed for some other reason, the blood that comes out is red because it comes into contact with the oxygen in air outside of your body 
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Comments 18
abeera Cool......nice information.... Abeera
Jan 30th 2015
Laibah And im sorry 4 mine :'( Laibah
Jul 11th 2014
Tooba Thanks laiba sorry for my silly comments Tooba
Jul 9th 2014
Laibah Very informative Laibah
Jul 9th 2014
Tooba Thanks rabia and i would like to be your friend :) Tooba
Jun 29th 2014
Rabia Very nice,Tooba would you like to be my friend? Amazing article!:-)%u2661 Rabia
Jun 28th 2014
fatimah Ahahahahhahahah...just go wash ur english miss lololololol Fatimah
Jun 19th 2014
Tooba Hey idiot fatima you dont have any brain but hay stuffed inside hahahaha Tooba
Jun 18th 2014
fatimah U should have written it on brain...but it seems u dont have one shuck face.....hahahahahah Fatimah
Jun 17th 2014 Nice. good try
Jun 7th 2014
Ibrahim Hmmmm nice Ibrahim
May 10th 2014
Iram Knew the 2nd fact before.But 1st was new for me. Thanks for increasing my knowledge Iram
May 10th 2014
Tooba Hi ada we can also talk in school well how is your preperation of maths paper? Tooba
May 10th 2014
ADA Hello tooba Ada
May 9th 2014
Tooba Thanks Tooba
May 4th 2014
Eraj Nice!!! Eraj
May 3rd 2014
Anam Very informative Anam
May 3rd 2014
Tooba Hello Tooba
May 3rd 2014

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