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Hajra Yousuf
Hajra Yousuf
The City School
World Catastrophe
Published On May 1st 2014
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World catastrophe are actually disastrous events and there are many world catastrophe like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, droughts , tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, landslides(avalanches), forest fires etc
Droughts is one of the disastrous and actually drought is when there is a lack or scarcity of water and it is acute dryness resulting on the rainfall and droughts have many affects on people,crops and also on animals. Droughts occur in many different places like in semi-arid and there are three types of drought and they are
1-permanent drought
2-drought with dry climate
3-drought with seasonal canal-It is a drought in which wells have a lack of water and because of droughts many regions have also been affected.
There are many countries where drought have been affected and some of those countries are Pakistan, Africa, Rome and Russia and more drought can affect on crops, animals and man. Drought can cause food shortage, which can be a big problem for the population of course, when crops will not be there, so there will be no more food production and many children are contaminated and because of dryness, there can cause ba a skin disease and because of drought, many animals can also died and there will be a great extinct of animals and even many districts of Pakistan like Baluchistan has suffered from serious famine.
The need of the hour is that we should grow more crops in an abundant amount in rainy seasons and we should have water shortage schemes like dams and barrages and we should have irrigation canals to grow more crops and we should have forestation (to grow more trees)that they should act like a barrier.
New technologies should be introduced like desalination of seawater, and restricting waste water and turning into clean water and we should use drought resistant for the varieties of crop.
We should plan and manage of water resources like we should conserve water to avoid shortage and setting priorities in allocation of water for different uses and it cannot be fully prevented but its intensity and frequency can be reduced by certain measures.
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Anam Some grammar mistakes but it was really awesome Anam
May 3rd 2014

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