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Sarah Ahmad
Sarah Ahmad
To The Infinity
Published On Apr 30th 2014
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' and here goes Glory-99 into the mouth of infinity'.  George always watched this astronomical show with great amazement.  He always dreamt of becoming an astronaut. George was an orphan and lived with his grandmother. His grandmother knew that after her George will not be able to continue his studies due to financial conditions.
It was almost midnight when grandma heard a slight 'thud' on the roof of her bedroom. It was pitch black and she knew that George was afraid of dark. She went up the stairs, clinging to an old lantern, twisted the door knob which went to George's room slightly. What she saw was that George was in his bed studying an astronomical journal which she bought for him yesterday. George's dad was an astronaut too but tragically when his rocket was about to exit the Earth's atmosphere, it blasted into a million pieces due to a mechanical mishap.
Grandma closed the door behind her and went up to George, who had no sign of sleepiness in his eyes. She went up to him and patted him on his head gently. "George my sweetheart my you must be in bed by now" she said gently. "But mama i can't sleep, so i felt better to read the journal you bought for me. It's really really interesting" replied George. "oh, is it isn't it?" taking the book away from George and placing it on the table. George slipped in his blanket and yawned. "Mama, will i ever become a great astronaut who has surfed in the webs of infinity like dad planned to do?" ask George with eyes wide opened. "Of course you will and you will become greater astronaut than daddy did" she said while kissing him on the forehead and turning off the lamp beside George's bed.
When George grew up, he was awarded with scholarship to continue his studies. This encouraged him even more and he after his higher secondary studies in astronomy joined the 'Astronomical institute for Astronauts". He wished that perhaps him grandmother would have had seen this moment, she would have had been very proud of him. After five years he left the institute as the most brilliant astronaut student in the entire state of California. He was awarded with gold medal in order of illuminating the name of the institute. With no difficulty he got a job as an astronaut in NASA.
It was a wintery afternoon when he was sitting near his office window and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows floating in it. He was lost in deep thought when all of a sudden he heard a knock on the door. "Come in please. Oh, please do have a seat Mr. Backfold. Can I know the purpose of you here? Well, this is a very exciting news for me. When will we leave the gravity? After seven months? very well. Thank you very much for informing me. I will start preparing immediately". It was good news after all. I can say that it was the best news he have ever been informed in his thirty eight years. He and his colleague were selected for a mission to another galaxy in order to search for life.
Those seven months passed in the blink of an eye. It was the moment when he was standing in his space suit in front of a gigantic rocket who was about to leave in an hour.  George was so excited that he barely noticed people screaming his name. That moment arrived when he was seated and buckled in the rocket ready to leave the gravity, when he heard the voice saying:
' and here goes Glory-101 in the mouth of infinity'. The save voice which he used to hear in his childhood. The rocket soared in the air at rocketing speed and into the space and beyond the galaxy. After 7 Earth years they reached the neighbouring galaxy and it was time to land to the selected planet. A testing shuttle was sent to detect the conditions of atmosphere in the planet and to see that whether it was suitable was human to land there. A familiar voice said that the shuttle is about to leave for planet X please buckle up. Its going to be a bumpy ride. After a couple of minutes the astronauts landed on the planet and the investigation begun. Both of them split in opposite directions and started the search.
After walking and walking on the dusty planet so much like mars, George came across something that interested him. He saw a snake like hole dug by something or some organism in the ground. He sent an investigation camera down the hole and to his amazement he saw an organism so much like snake but with wide open eyes and slime all over its body. The organism has fish bone like teeth and lots of them in number. It opened its mouth and tried to lick the camera.
That moment George could not feel what he was feeling. He almost screamed and laughed and cried but it was all muddled. After all he got the organism and started their journey towards the Planet Earth. After 7 Earth years they reached Earth. Their space ship entered the Earth's atmosphere and landed in the ocean. They both were brought up to the NASA, where they presented the organism. And that they were celebrated all over the world and is still know today. On the other hand George became the best known astronaut in the Earth's history.
At least he got the thing he always wanted and by hard work and strong goal.
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Comments 10
Mohammad Nice one be sure to post more Mohammad
Sep 1st 2014
sarah Thanks arij Sarah
May 5th 2014
Unicorny I like your story Sarah Unicorny
May 4th 2014
sarah Plz like my story guyz Sarah
May 4th 2014
sarah Thanks arij i like urs too(sorta) Sarah
May 4th 2014
sarah Thanks! Sarah
May 4th 2014
Unicorny I liked your story!:)) Unicorny
May 3rd 2014
sarah Thank u tooba plz like my story Sarah
May 2nd 2014
sarah Thank u tooba plz like my story Sarah
May 2nd 2014
Tooba Nice story Tooba
May 2nd 2014

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