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Unicorny Human
Unicorny Human
Everything Except A Friend
Published On Apr 30th 2014
Total Comments : 24
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There lived a boy in the middle of Dubai. His name was Joe. He had everything a child could have ever wanted. He had a crocodile for a pet, a real rocket in the backyard, a swimming pool in his room, an underground bowling alley under his house, a 100 inch flat screen TV in every room in the house, a thousand riyal pocket money a week, 400 pairs of adidas trainers, unlimited supply of clothes in the wardrobe, his own water boat, a real racing car and track in the back yard, a room the size of half a football pitch which was full of toys only,  private football coaching sessions with the Barcelona team, his own gold made automatic working ferrari, a pizza place in his basement, an ice cream truck in the garage (which was full of ice cream), and loads more. It was his birthday. He went to his Father for a present. His father reached into a drawer and pulled out a million riyal cheque. "Here you go," Father said, giving Joe the cheque.
"But that's what you gave me in my last birthday! I want something else!"
"Disneyland?" asked Father. Joe shook his head frustrated.
"Then what do you want son?" asked Father. Joe took a deep breath.
"A friend."
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Comments 24
Unicorny Thanks guys! Once again, I really appreciate it! :) You all are amazing writers as well. Unicorny
Oct 1st 2015
mohammad aashir Its very gooooooodddd Mohammad Aashir
Jan 5th 2015
mohammad uzair Not good Mohammad Uzair
Nov 16th 2014
mohammad uzair Not such good Mohammad Uzair
Nov 16th 2014
Unicorny I dont know any story like this guys, but maybe you've read something like it before which i didnt know about:-):-):-):-) Unicorny
Sep 20th 2014
Mohammad Nice one i appreciate it. and i think i have read this story somewhere else but anyhow its nice :) Mohammad
Sep 1st 2014
mohammad uzair I have read this oh god! Mohammad Uzair
Jul 22nd 2014
Maham Nice Maham
Jul 2nd 2014
Zahra Touching..:) Zahra
Jun 11th 2014
Unicorny Thanks all of you. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.:)))) Unicorny
May 18th 2014
Sana Really nice Sana
May 17th 2014
Zaynah Brilliant story! Zaynah
May 17th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 10th 2014
Unicorny Thanx! Unicorny
May 6th 2014
Nuvairah nice story Nuvairah
May 6th 2014
Unicorny I've fixed my screen now Raveeha, it might come to you a little late Unicorny
May 5th 2014
Unicorny I've tried to fix my screen but I think something is wrong. Unicorny
May 4th 2014
Unicorny I don't know what's happening to my screen Raveeha Unicorny
May 4th 2014
raveeha Good story but Arij i am trying to open your screen but i cannot.any specific reason? Raveeha
May 3rd 2014
Unicorny Thanks a lot!:) Unicorny
May 3rd 2014
PAKISTAN I absolutely loved your story it was brilliant, nice and short if I was the judge u should be the winner :))) Pakistan
May 2nd 2014
Unicorny Yeah, I forgot about that. Unicorny
May 2nd 2014
Disenchanted. Good story!! but (plz don't mind), in Dubai Riyals are not used..... Dirhams. =) Disenchanted.
May 1st 2014
Ahmed Amazing story :))) loved it Ahmed
May 1st 2014

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