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Kanza Baber
Kanza Baber
Pakistan International School Jeddah
An Unexpected Day
Published On Apr 30th 2014
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The climate of Jeddah is really unpredictable. On a very sunny day i came back from school and slept for 5 hours. When i woke up the whole climate was so different. Clouds were everywhere and i was so pleased to see such a nice weather. It started raining at night, after ishaa, and i was so happy and enjoyed it. Well it was just a light rain and ended after half an hour. Well, I slept after rain because i had to go to school the next day. The next day, it was again so hot, I went to school and i wished if it could rain. It was 3rd period when the rain started, at first we all thought it was a light rain but suddenly it took shape of a horrible flood. Luckily we had our home time an hour earlier but it was too late because all the roads were full of water. Now everyone was worried. I was in my bus and we went for home, the water was knee length near my school. We went easily from there, but away (3 or 4 kilometers)  from my home, was very pressurized and neck length water. It started to enter our bus and we had to leave it .Now we swam towards our home. One of us lived nearer, so we went to her home and called our worrying parents and told them we were alright. After that we told them where we were and they told us to stay there. After half an hour my father reached the place. We swam to our home which was very difficult but we did it .On our way to home, we faced many horrible things. My bag was wet, all my books were messed. Some people were helpful while some people scared me, they were staring as if they can eat us. However we reached home. Our school was off at 12:30 pm and i reached home at 10:00 pm .That night i slept for almost fourteen hours straight. That was really an unexpected and very difficult day for me but honestly I really enjoyed it.
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Comments 16
Omama Mazhar Sorry kanza. for accepting this request too late. Can you believe it. I opened this account today after 4 years. :P Omama Mazhar
Apr 15th 2017
hajira Horrible day i was :O Hajira
May 25th 2015
Khadijah Me too.... Khadijah
Feb 27th 2015
kanza It is true makkah is almost 75 kilometers away from jeddah so its not necessary that makkah is supposed to be flooded like jeddah jeddah Kanza
Nov 2nd 2014
Mohammad Nice one Mohammad
Sep 1st 2014
shehram Well!! How come a flood in Jeddah and not Mecca is it true? In Mecca i dont think there was something like this. Well at least i dont know of it weirdooo!!! @_@ Shehram
Aug 21st 2014
kanza Yes khadijah it was horrible but i really enjoyed it Kanza
Jun 16th 2014
kanza Yes khadijah it was horrible but i really enjoyed it Kanza
Jun 16th 2014
Khadijah I ment that the storm was horrible...... Khadijah
Jun 13th 2014
zahra Nice one Zahra
Jun 13th 2014
Khadijah It was horrible!! Khadijah
Jun 8th 2014
Zaynah Really!its true Zaynah
May 17th 2014
fatimah OMG! i remember this flood it was in the month of February and oh my, what a horrible adventure it was, believe me i reached home the same time u did n we had to leave our car and the rest of our belongings in the way and carry on foot. Fatimah
May 10th 2014
Manahil Owesome!!it really is amazinG!!!! Manahil
May 6th 2014
kanza Yes its true Kanza
May 1st 2014
Manahil True??? Manahil
May 1st 2014

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