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Jana Wilkins
Jana Wilkins
George Washington Ps
My God, Allah
Published On Apr 24th 2014
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Have you ever thought?
Who created the skies and the seas?
Who created you and me?
Who created every single thing on this planet, and beyond the heavens and the earth, what we see and don’t?
All of this?
When I look up at the sky,
I see beautiful creatures that can fly
with majestic wings
When I look down at the sea,
I see the beautiful creatures that can swim
with majestic fins.
When I look in the mirror,
what do i see?
I see someone staring back at me.
With finger and toes,
arms and legs,
teeth and bones,
flesh and skin,
eyes and nose,
What do i see?
I see the creation of the Almighty,
My God, Allah.
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Comments 2
ADA I loved your poem!:)) Ada
Jun 1st 2014
Maleeha Good.... well written! Keep on seeing the world around you... it will make you more grateful for all that we've blessed with. Maleeha
Apr 25th 2014

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