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Musaab  Hasan
Musaab Hasan
City School Paf Chapter
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Published On Apr 22nd 2014
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Once upon a time lived the great warriors of the Zen kingdom. There were five in total, master electro, mistress earth, master tornado, and master hydro & master ra. They were warriors of the forces, electricity, nature, air, water & fire. Even though they were the great warriors they never had met each other the only thing they knew about each other come to knowledge by their sensei. Since they usually got compared to each other they had envy. They couldn’t stand the even portraits of each other. Their envy and hate is where we start our story.
In the time of harvest the great threat known to man came at large. It started with the destruction of the harvest crops. This caused major famine, which weakened the kingdom. Then all the water became infected, further weakening the famished kingdom. Then even worse the harvest moon, fails to show it face, cursing the land with 10 years of bad harvest, plague, and famine. Then the hidden evil comes slithering out of darkness. It was the malicious & evil king Hades with his cursing scythe, the messenger of death of cruel people, Nemeses. As soon as the evil shows it face heroes are never far behind. But the question was whoever did have great power, power so great to bring back the dead. The kingdoms capital zinen was being plagued by the evil servants of king Hades. Death was everywhere no point in hiding you could just run only to be like a serpent hunting a mouse. You just had to wait your turn to die nobly. When the warriors heard of carnage, they set out to the, once glorious capital city. Mistress earth was the first to reach the besieged city. She fought with all her natural powers but all her power was living nature and a fight between the living and dead would result in death. Next to reach the dead city was master ra. But then again Lord Hades harnessed the power of fire and turned it into pure evil burning hate. Mater hydro was the next to reach the pile of rock which was all that was left of the mighty capital city. But like the other warriors his power was turned in to scorching molten lava. The next to find their way to the pile of ruins of city was master tornado, for whom had the fate like all the other before him, his power was of air turned in to the poisonous stench of the underworld thus being defeated by a huge margin. It seemed as if nobody could destroy the evil king Hades power but the last hope of freedom still remained in the form of master electro. King Hades was surprised to find master electro had not come yet since he was the first to set out. Little did King Hades know that master electro had returned home to ask what had become of the other warriors, the wise sensei had answered, as was his custom, in a form of a complicated riddle. “The answer is no man however powerful cannot beat the ancient threat whose weakness is in his power.” This riddle was something an amazing mind could only discover. The meaning was unknown, master electro though and thought but didn’t understand what was meant by “No man however powerful could beat the ancient threat.” Did it mean there was no hope what so ever? Was all lost, surely not since the other part of the riddle, “the ancient threat whose weakness is in his power” Then he suddenly understood the first part of the riddle, it meant that alone no one had the power to beat lord hades but the answer was teamwork. But what was the meaning of the second part of the riddle. King Hades got his power from his scythe. And then it all fell in to place the power that released him in to the living world was the power of his own scythe. So if his power was his weakness then the power of the scythe is his weakness, which meant that if the scythe is taken away it will send king Hades in to the underworld but without the scythe(nemeses) to bring him back. Master Electro first plan of action was to free the defeated warriors. So he sent an electric signal to the captives. The message explained the plan of escape. So that night the plan was executed. First master tornado caused a tornado and master ra light it with fire to cause a fiery tornado to serve as a distraction. Then master ra used his fire to heat the locks and cause them to melt. Once they were out of the dungeon cell, mistress earth made the ground open up and form a tunnel to escape. Once in the tunnel she closed the hole to make it look like it was before they made their escape. Then they made their way through the tunnel as they continued the tunnel behind closed up so they was no trace of where they were going. Then they reached their temples once done they prepared the plan to take nemeses from Lord Hades. First masters ra & and electro will distract king Hades, since they are the fastest because they are speeds of light. Then master hydro will cause a tidal wave which will sweep lord hades of his feet. As the tsunami hits master ra will heat the water in to boiling dangerous water. This will definitely make hades part with his scythe then mistress earth will send a hawk to snatch the scythe from the water. Once the scythe is gone king hades will go to the underworld and peace will be restored and all the element warriors, that us will destroy the scythe nemeses.
Over the years the story has changed and the message forgotten. Lord Hades role changed to a messenger of death shown with his scythe. The people no longer work together thinking only for themselves not each other. This was the legend’s meaning. A legend which was once a true scenario. Like the idiom: “United we stand, divided we fall!”
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