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Abdul Ali Sheikh
Abdul Ali Sheikh
Jawahir Al Riyadh Intl. School
The Dangerous Plan (4th And Last Part)
Published On Apr 21st 2014
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One of them was inspector peter and the other one was the manager of the city bank of London. Only 5 minutes left in 11 o clock, Said Holmes. Watson could not understand the plan and he was looking very puzzled. He asked Holmes but he said “Come with us, you will get to know about everything.”
It took them an hour to reach Trafalgar square. After some time, they were in a room in which there were hundreds of boxes filled with gold. Holmes and Watson hid behind the boxes. Suddenly, a tile was pushed upwards and moved away.  There was a hole in the floor and a person came out of the hole. Then another person came out. As soon as the first person saw them, he screamed “RUN AWAY!!” “RUN AWAY!!!!” but it was too late. One of them was captured by Holmes and the other one by inspector Peter. “Steve Anderson! I’ve been looking for you since ages!!” inspector peter said to the first man. The bank manager was looking at it full of surprise.  He asked Holmes about everything.
Holmes said “I was looking for Steve Anderson for a long time. When Wilson told me the figure of his worker, I understood that the worker was Steve Anderson. When I went to meet him, I wanted to look at his knees. When I saw them, his pants were scratched from the knees. This meant that he was digging a tunnel from the city bank to the servant quarter.
About the job of Mr. Wilson, it was just a plan to keep him away from home so that Anderson could do his work easily and Wilson wouldn’t know. These things made me understand that he wanted to make a robbery in the bank.
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Comments 4
Mohammad Nice oNe bro! Mohammad
Nov 11th 2016
Abdul Ali . Abdul Ali
Oct 1st 2016
shehram Nys story by the way copied stories will be nice written by professionals :P. I think its is the red club ir the red headed man's story by Sir Arthur Conan Dyle :P Shehram
Aug 29th 2014
Mona Nice story and i am mona khalid from pakistan school Mona
Apr 22nd 2014

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