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Ashra  Ameen
Ashra Ameen
Govt Girls Higher Secandary School
Published On Apr 20th 2014
Total Comments : 43
Total Views :  1169
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April 2014

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Comments 43
Ashra I already forgive u Ashra
Sep 5th 2015
ADA Awwww i am really sorry ashra and gulnoor. plz forgive me Ada
Aug 13th 2015
Ashra Thanks every one Ashra
Jul 14th 2015
Zaeem Cool Zaeem
Jan 20th 2015
Aneesa Wowww! Aneesa
Dec 31st 2015
Fatima Nice Fatima
Nov 18th 2014
Aden Wonderful!!!!!!!! Aden
Aug 22nd 2014
Aden Wonderful!!!!!!!! Aden
Aug 22nd 2014
Ashra Gulnoor ada is my friend she not jealous me and ada you don't know me you said me sorry and I forgive you ada you said gulnoor sorry and gulnoor you said ada sorry Ashra
Jul 30th 2014
ADA Excuse me gulnoor itna over bane ki zaroorat nahi hai or me bhi winner ho chuki hoon Ada
Jul 27th 2014
Gul Noor Never mind those who are jealous of you being the winner, ashra. Eg. Ada. ConnnggrazzzzXzzz Gul Noor
Jul 24th 2014
Ashra Thanks editer every thing is very fine Ashra
Jul 23rd 2014
Wafa Dear ashara i like your picture a lot it is amazing i love it inshalah you will become a great artist love wafa Wafa
Jul 7th 2014
hiba Nice work i like it Hiba
Jul 4th 2014
qurratul " Qurratul
Jun 26th 2014
Ashra Thanks everyone Ashra
Jun 24th 2014
Ashra No zaeem I don't recive my gift Ashra
Jun 24th 2014
Zaeem Ada if you don't like ashra fish you should not said ashra bad you said sorry of ashra if you not said you are very bad Zaeem
Jun 24th 2014
Zaeem Ashra are you recive your gift Zaeem
Jun 23rd 2014
qurratul @WINNER!!! Qurratul
Jun 6th 2014
Akasha Inspite of this character fish from Flupa, u made it much pretty drawing by your coloring sense. Keep it up Dear :) I like this. Inshaallah u will be a Good artist in Future. Akasha
May 28th 2014
aeman Very nice.i believe you can be a good artist .kep it up Ashra Aeman
May 24th 2014
ADA Not nice Ada
May 23rd 2014
Ashra Editer today is 22 05 2014 and I donot recive my gift please you send me my gift Ashra
May 22nd 2014
Zaeem Cool Zaeem
May 22nd 2014
Tooba The fish is from flupa but you have coloured it different but its nice Tooba
May 17th 2014
Ashra Sorry saman Ashra
May 11th 2014
saman Its nice and if you are talking about me then i am not samna but i am saman Saman
May 10th 2014
afifah Wow, amazing. Afifah
May 10th 2014
Ashra Thanks editer Ashra
May 10th 2014
kanza Congrats ashra Kanza
May 4th 2014
samavia Exellentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Samavia
May 4th 2014
Eraj It is better!! Eraj
May 3rd 2014
 Shiza It is very beautiful!!! Shiza
May 3rd 2014
sarah Nice it is a beautiful word and most delicatly made. the details are very clear and beautiful. Sarah
May 2nd 2014
Ashra Thanks tooba ,makiham, shazi and zaniab Ashra
May 1st 2014
Ashra I learn you friend samna comments I astimate that you anger with your friend I you mind please forgive me Ashra
Apr 29th 2014
Tooba Ashra what is the meaning of you anger with your friend saman Tooba
Apr 28th 2014
Maikham Nice Maikham
Apr 26th 2014
Ashra Thanks tooba Ashra
Apr 26th 2014
Ashra Tooba you anger with your friend samna Ashra
Apr 26th 2014
Tooba Wow cute and nice Tooba
Apr 25th 2014
Ashra Very good Ashra
Apr 25th 2014

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