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Naaemah Saleem
Naaemah Saleem
Fazaia Inter College Islamabad
The Journey
Published On Apr 22nd 2014
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On 19 December 2013, I came to my home from my school and I was really tired that say, so after praying and changing my clothes I lay on my bed. It was raining a bit and suddenly there was a bolt of lightning along with a thunder and a big man appeared beside the window, his face was covered in a mask and he was wearing a coat and a hat. I noticed that he was pointing at something, a box. Then again there was a loud sound of thunder and he was gone!
I looked at the box, still scared, hoping the man won’t come again. I hesitated but I gathered my courage and went towards the black cardboard box. On it was written:
"If you are ready for an adventure then open it and be prepared for the once in a life time journey"
I wondered whether a witch or a monster will jump out of the box and eat me, but I wanted my suspense to go away so I opened with my eyes closed but when I opened it, in it was a coat with gloves and black ugg boots. The sun was bright again and there was light all over the room, making everything look fresh. I took out the coat and wore it when I looked at the mirror and believe me I looked like an agent or something. I suddenly noticed that on the coat was some colourful buttons like and something was written on them like: past time, future time, imaginary land etc
I pressed the button "past time". I thought nothing would happen but I was wrong not only a second had passed that in front me my parents were sitting in a garden, having a picnic and beside them two young boys were playing and on my mom's lap was a child. I looked at them for five minutes with a smile on my face and as I went took a step forward towards them I suddenly decided not to go to them because they might say I'm a stranger. I was going to press "planet" button but a thought shot at my mind and so i again pressed the "past" button and was in 1969. People wore very weird clothes and the cars were very old fashioned. I grabbed a newspaper nearby and hurriedly pressed "planet".
I suddenly realized that I was on moon, the place where I've always wanted to go. I thought I might die as there was no oxygen but when I looked at my hands, they were covered. The suit had suddenly changed into space suit! It was weird because it was hot in that suit. I looked around wondering whether  there is an alien or not but nah there wasn’t but I saw a flag of America, with anger I torn it apart and when I saw in the newspaper the flag of my homeland ,Pakistan, I thought “ My lucky day..”. Taking the flag I placed it on the pole where once was of America’s. Feeling really proud, pressed the button “imaginary land” and suddenly a girl with long, red and beautiful hairs crashed on top of me. Soon I realized it was my favourite anime character of naruto, Uzumaki Kushina! I looked at her in disbelief. “Sorry for that, ya know” she said. But I didn’t listen to what she said and kept looking at her. But when she said “Oi! Are you okay?” Then I got into my senses. Some of her friends came and I introduced them to myself. Kushina seemed happy as I told her the whole story of mine and when I told her about her future, she was a bit shocked. She took me to some awesome places and showed me around. In the end, we went to a cliff where we could see everything and the view was very beautiful. I wondered if I could fly but then an idea shot at my mind and it was “It’s an imaginary world…” I was going to fly when Kushina said “Are you mad?” I replied “Yup and that’s why in this world your imagination becomes reality!” and I jumped, scared. But I could feel the refreshing air! For a moment I thought I am falling but when I opened my eyes, I was actually flying! I shouted with happiness and it was so great that it was beyond my thinking. I could see the sunset, the orange clouds, and the birds. It was getting very late and I was missing my home so I thanked everyone for the wonderful adventure and all the fun and said goodbye to them. I was almost about to hit the ‘real world’ button when I realized I still haven’t been to my future. So I hurriedly pressed the ‘future’ button and there I was sitting in a room. I looked around myself and saw a lady wearing an overall, who was seeing some papers. She looked as if she was doctor and my guess was right but still I did not know who she was or what’s her name. “So, what’s your problem?” she asked. “umm….can you please tell me where I am and who are you?” I asked. She said “You are in Diamond Medical College or you can say Diamond hospital and my name is Naaemah Saleem” she replied, confused. My mouth fell open and I was about to faint and she too was shocked to see me. I suddenly heard someone shouting my name. I looked around but I could see no one. I thought it was just a sound in my mind but again I heard someone shouting and this I could feel someone shaking me badly. I was terrified and suddenly my eyes opened. My mom was saying to me “Wake up! You’ve been sleeping for three hours!” I was confused because a moment ago I was in my future and now I am in my bed with my mom shouting at me to wake up. I looked around and I was in my room.
Soon I realized it was just a dream instead of an adventure
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Comments 5
HAFSA Yes i like it hey i am hafsa from fic grade9 Hafsa
Jul 30th 2016
princess Hello Princess
May 17th 2014
Naaemah Thanks Naaemah
May 1st 2014
zahaab Not badddd! Zahaab
Apr 30th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 23rd 2014

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