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Abdul Ali Sheikh
Abdul Ali Sheikh
Jawahir Al Riyadh Intl. School
The Dangerous Plan (part 3)
Published On Apr 17th 2014
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When I went to work this morning the office was closed and it was written that the office has been closed from today. The employees may find a new job for themselves.
Holmes and Watson started laughing after listening to this but Wilson was worried.
“What is the name of your worker?” Holmes asked.
“Michael Stuart”. Wilson said.
“Explain me about him.” Holmes asked.
“He is a tall man and has a mark on his eye”. Wilson said
“Is one of his fingers of his right hand unable to move?” asked Holmes.
“Yes but how did you come to know about it?” asked Wilson.
“I will tell you about this tomorrow but tell me, does this man work with you currently?”
“Yes he does”
Wilson left after that
Holmes said to Watson “come on, I want to have a look at Wilson’s worker”
Holmes and Watson went to Wilsons home. His worker Michael lived just next to his house. Holmes knocked at the door. A skinny young man opened the door. Holmes said “where is John Wilson? He is has to return me some money”. Michael said “he is not at home currently. I will inform you when he returns.” With this, Holmes and Watson returned to their lodgings.
It was half past ten at night but Holmes was unable to sleep. At 10:45, someone knocked the door. Two men entered…………
Part 4 coming soon!!!!!!
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Jun 2nd 2014

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