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Ghumaisa Usmani
Ghumaisa Usmani
Beacon House Okara
Enemies To Friends
Published On Apr 22nd 2014
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Once there was a girl name Kate who studied in class Six and was very nice and kind to everyone and everybody liked her. The teachers liked her as well because she was very good at studies and obeyed them all. She had a class fellow who was named Kristy; she hated Kate because now she means Kate was perfect. Actually Kate was a new girl who came and just left Kristy behind in everything plus in studies. She was very upset and wanted revenge from her. The thing Kristy was very angry at Kate was all her class fellow went with her, even her friends were not her friends now but hers. Oh how sad. She was always in a search of a chance to hurt her to make her upset. But sadly she didn’t get any chance or…..Kate didn’t run in it. One day Miss Scott; their class teacher gave a group work to the class.  She made three groups. One was led by Kristy and the second was led by Kate and the third one was led by a boy named John. Every single student in the class wanted to join the group led by Kate because they knew that it was going to win and was much better than others. Miss Scott divided the children among the three groups. The students which were in the Kristy’s group were whispering about how bad they felt to be in a loser’s group. Tears came in Kristy’s eyes when she heard that. The teacher gave time to the student to complete the work. The winner group was supposed to be the one who did the work in time and correctly. As expected the Kate’s group was the winner and they were cheering. While the student’s in Kristy’s group were saying bad about her and that they were ashamed to be in the group and they already knew that this would happen. Kristy couldn’t stand it and started crying. Nobody saw her they were all busy in congratulating the group. As Kristy was crying she felt hand on her shoulder to cheer her up she looked up to see was it. It was Kate. She pushed her hand away and stood up and arrogantly said that “I don’t need your cheers I am fine. Actually Kate liked her but she didn’t know what Kristy felt about her, and Kristy thought she did all of this on purpose and hated her. Kate stood there shocked. As she didn’t know what she felt about her and what was wrong with her. She said “what happened Kristy why were you crying”. “I was not crying and you just get lost” said Kristy. Kate said “w-what happened what I did?”  “What did you do? You ruined my life, you took my friends, took my everything”. What? I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t take your friends they came to and I am sorry if I hurt you. Well let me tell I didn’t mean any of that and I didn’t even know that it was hurting you. Ok forget it and forgive me, and let’s finish it and be friends”. She gave out a hand to Kristy. Kristy wiped her tears and shook her hand well went to the class and joined them.
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Ghumaisa :)..... thanks dear Ghumaisa
Oct 6th 2014
Tooba Good Tooba
Apr 23rd 2014

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