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Abdul Ali Sheikh
Abdul Ali Sheikh
Jawahir Al Riyadh Intl. School
The Dangerous Plan (part 2)
Published On Apr 15th 2014
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The advertisement said “We need a person whose age is over thirty years and can stay in office from 8 o clock morning to 12 o clock afternoon. He will be paid $150 per week. People who are interested can meet the head of the office at 237, Sterling Street, London.
Holmes and Watson read the newspaper twice but couldn’t understand what the purpose was. Holmes asked Wilson “Did you advertise it?” ….No!
Okay Mr. Wilson, I have read the newspaper but I don’t get it. Please explain it to me.  “Okay. I’ve already told you that I own a small shop in Trafalgar Square. And I don’t earn much from it. A worker also works for me at my home. I also give him some salary. The newspaper that I just showed you was brought to me by my worker and he showed me this piece of news. He told me “Sir, if I were in place of you, I would be in a very happy state. “What do you mean by that?” I asked. “I mean that your age is above 30 and the company wants a person just like you!! So if I were in place of you, the company would employ me and I would get $150 for free!! I say, you should go and try your luck. Maybe the company employs you and you might become rich!
Wilson continued. “I was in need of money so I said to my worker that I will try my best. The next day, I and my worker went to the office. There were some people who were also looking for a job. I said to my worker to go back but he told me to try your luck!  Then he took me inside the office. He pointed to the chair and told me to sit down. I sat on the chair. The manager of the company was sitting in front of me. He took my interview and asked me if my age was above 30 or not. Then he told me to start working from tomorrow. I was commanded that I must work from eight o clock to twelve o clock and if I went anywhere, the job will be over. So I started working there but suddenly, it all finished………
Part 3 coming soon!!
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Comments 2
Abdul Ali Submitted part 3 today!! Abdul Ali
Apr 17th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 17th 2014

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