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Ghazal Firdous Shaikh
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh
Wilderness School
What An Adventure??
Published On Apr 14th 2014
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“Wow! What a fetching sunset!” I murmured while gazing at the enchanting sunset. Actually, I was having a grateful journey to Sweden from Pakistan on a ship with my joyous family. It was going alright till when I replaced my book in my bag, there was massive crush from underneath the ship. Sledgehammer blows of incredible force was hurling me against the bunk. I wrenched up the floorboards of my family schooner to see what was wrong. I found myself gazing at a massive hole, punctured by a large killer whale through which water was pouring in with torrential force. It was immediately clear that nothing could be done to save the ship as it was sinking hastily. I had time to save only six items shattering and floating on the enormous blue sheet. So, I began to gather and put those in a bag i.e. Matchboxes, Knife, a case of water bottles, Two large pieces of cloth, spy glasses and a box of can food as I was not sure that I’ll be having some food or not. But unfortunately, I had already lost my family and couldn’t see anybody. As the ship was sinking, I set sail on a voyage which was attached to the ship.
I kept on sailing and tired as well. Using spy glasses, I saw an Island just a little far away from me. I went there quickly as I could. Firstly, I fixed my tent with those two pieces of cloths and some thick branches which I cut down by using my huge bladed knife. I used some matchsticks and wood sticks and thorny bushes to light up the fire to keep myself warm. After many tries, I finally lit it up. Whenever I felt hungry, I used that can food to fulfil my requirement. There was a gigantic, gloomy forest but I never dared to go in. For thirst, I drank water that I had brought with me. I passed three days there on the beach. I realized there that why hadn’t I picked a map or that compass. I had a voyage already and could get my destiny. Gradually, the scarcity of food and water began.
As all the food finished, I dared to go inside of the forest. It was dark and gloomy but there were attractive trees inside with fruits as well. I cut down some sapodillas which were hanging down on the nearest branch. While cutting, I felt frighten due to strange and horrible thoughts. That any creature may appear from the thick bushes and jump on me. So holding some of the fruits, I ran out hastily as I could. After four days, I tasted something different. I had already finished my water and was feeling terribly thirsty.
With sweet hopes, I took my spy glasses and looked towards the ocean. Suddenly, I saw a ship sailing in the middle. I waved my hands to and fro and screamed as loud as could. Fortunately, the captain saw me and he quickly set his boat, sailed towards me at the island.
After getting into the ship, he asked about my family and the incident. I told him everything. Then he brought me to my relatives safely. But I had really worst feelings in my heart about losing my family.
After some months, rescue team found my family alive and well at the coast of Madagascar. I again returned to my joyful life after a miraculous incident but it also brought more bravery and spirit in my life  
The Happy Ending!
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Comments 6
Ghazal Firdous Thankyou everybody ^_^ Ghazal Firdous
May 3rd 2014
Gullasht GUd :P Gullasht
May 2nd 2014
Faez Ahmed Nice Faez Ahmed
Apr 24th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Thanks ^_^ Ghazal Firdous
Apr 17th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 17th 2014
Fardeen Ahmed Good One! :P Fardeen Ahmed
Apr 14th 2014

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