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Fariba Ahmed
Fariba Ahmed
Bangladesh International School Jeddah
The Haunted House (part 1)
Published On Apr 14th 2014
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My cousin Beck and I were eating food at a restaurant. After we finished we waited outside the restaurant for Beck's dad to come. Beck saw a man in a blue car staring at her."Hi dad!" Beck shouted and then ran towards the car."Beck! That's not your dad!"I said but she got in the car. I went in too. "Beck, that's not your dad" I whispered."Your dad's car isn't blue, and your dad doesn’t have a beard" I told her."Your'e right, who is he and where is he taking us?" she asked."I don't know" I replied.
He drove us to a big, creepy and very old house."Get out of the car" he said and we did as he told. Then he drove away leaving us."Let's stay at this house for the night and we'll try to get back to home in the morning." she said."OK." I replied.
I knocked on the door."Come in" said an old man."Who ar ya?" he asked."I'm Beck and this is my cousin Betty." said Beck."What ya want?" he asked."Can we stay here for the night?" I asked."Yes. Go to that room over there and stay there" he said. While we were eating a packet of chips which I bought from the restaurant, he locked the door.
"Betty, why did he lock the door?"Beck asked."I don't know."I said.
Soon Betty fell asleep. The room we were in was bare, covered with dust and thousands of empty boxes. I closed my eyes trying to sleep.
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Comments 7
Aden Nice!!!!!! Aden
Aug 22nd 2014
Jun 2nd 2014
Unicorny Good story!:))) Unicorny
May 5th 2014
Manahil G0oD 1Fariba Manahil
May 4th 2014
KHAN Great story to share on this awesome website Khan
Apr 17th 2014
Tooba Nice and when will the next part come Tooba
Apr 17th 2014
Abdul Ali Very good Abdul Ali
Apr 15th 2014

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