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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Lucifer (part 2)
Published On Apr 11th 2014
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“Dadh eets oll er phault” Jessica accused with a bloody colt up her nose.
“Yeah like I would punch you for nothing” I said truthfully, although I would love to, again, I thought.
“Silence!” Ordered Mr. Laree. He paced the room as if he had ants in his pants.
“You both are equally guilty” he announced as if we were in a court and he was the judge.
“Bud Dadh…”
“That’s not fair, she…”
“I said silence both of you! Jessica goes to the infirmary. Miss Hearts will fix that nose for you” he said firmly.
And so the frog face stormed out of the office leaving me and the principal alone.
“So, Miss Jones, I hear you are quite a bully and have been tormenting my daughter since the day you arrived” he said with stern red glare in his eyes.
“What? Me and bully, seriously I have never in my life hurt a fly and you think I bully your daughter and this is the first time I punched someone. In fact she is the one harassing me and my friend Katie from the start. That is plain lie”
I almost yelled at him but I didn’t care. How the hell can he think of me as a bully, I mean I do look like one, but still, he of all people knows me well.
“You really must learn some manners Miss Jones. I am the principal of this school…”
‘Unfortunately’ I thought.
“…and you have no right to speak to me in this way. Two weeks detention” he said in an undertone which is others words mean dead line.
 I WAS expecting this so my stupid mouth blurted out “Anything else?” and as soon as the words were out I wished I had never said them.
“Yes, there is more. Like hanging out in the streets, don’t you?” he asked with sarcasm in his tone.
“Busted” I mumbled.
“What was that?”He asked.
“Nothing it’s just that I can’t concentrate on my studies if I get bullied around so much” I lied for I rarely studied.
“I see, you like to study then. Let’s add a little more to this punishment, shall we? You, Miss Jones are to complete your course work within one week and that includes your tests. Don’t worry because I will be checking your work and if you don’t complete it in time I will be holding you back this year. As for your friend Katie, you both are to clean the cafeteria room today.” He said proudly “wont that be fun?”
I stared at him, open-mouthed “But it’s…”
“One more but and you will have to clean the whole school” He interrupted “Now off you go. Loads of works waiting for you”
I too stormed out of the office banging the door behind me.
“Ugh, why didn’t he just suspend me” I muttered angrily.
“I can’t believe you actually punched her” Katie said, not sure if excitedly or nervously, while picking up garbage from the floor. “And why do I have to clean with you, I didn’t do anything”
“Well, you are counted with me. And I am happy what I did. She deserved it, that no-nose” I said moping the floor.
“So that’s what you are going to call her now, ‘Voldemort’?”
“Exactly” I replied.
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Comments 55
Maheen Nice one Maheen
Aug 4th 2017
Fatima Amazing story. And I hate umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry and Sirus were going to be a proper family!! Fatima
Jun 9th 2017
Shumaim BTW Rumaisa has seen me, I mean, how I look! Shumaim
Sep 16th 2014
Irum Hi, guys, I'm sorry I haven't been on VShine for a while. My WiFi wasn't working so.... But anyway, now it's fixed. And, Oh my God!! Your comments made me laugh so much. You guys are so funny, with your obsessiveness on Anime and whatever. And Shumaim, do you really picture me as J Law? Oh my God!! I thnk I'll DIE of happiness. Munkashay's right, though, you are a little crazy;P.. Fatimah, did you read The Maze runner yet? Irum
Jul 27th 2014
Jul 25th 2014
Munkashay (Sis has gone mad. -__-') Munkashay
Jul 20th 2014
Shumaim I?...anime....character? How did I look? How did I look? How did I look? Sakura? Ino? Tenten? Temari? Hinata? WhoOOO? OMG, I wish I had that dream! And you know, I also picture you guys by your D.P(s). So yeah, Fatimah, to be honest, I picture you as Emma Watson too. Rumaisa, you're Levi (I don't care if he is a boy and you are a girl) and Ayesha, you are Jennifer Lawrence! Shumaim
Jul 18th 2014
Munkashay Oh God, Ayesha, really? Me, an anime wonderful... Munkashay
Jul 18th 2014
Irum Not really. It's Ramadan and my mom is really strict about watching TV or other stuff in Ramadan. I've watched it till the 8th episode though. Irum
Jul 15th 2014
 яυмαιsα You finished watching Angel Beats yet яυмαιsα
Jul 13th 2014
Jul 13th 2014
Irum Btw, Currently I'm reading a book series, The Selection by Kiera Cass. It's wonderful. Irum
Jul 12th 2014
Irum '' hahaah, I was laughing when I read your comment. It was just like my feelings when I can't find a book to read and it's just so depressing. Here ya go. This is the link of the first link, in pdf. It's full. ;P Hope you like the book. Finish it as soon as you can( even though it's Ramadan). And in my dream, you were sort of like Emma Watson. ;)I think that's because I picture a virtual person by their profile picture, and since you had Emma Watson as your profile picture many times, I just pictured you like her. Haahahaha , I am soo weird. Even in my semi-conscious dream state, I am a strange person. And Rumaisa was looking just like an anime character. And Munkashay and Shumaim were looking like anime people too=D Irum
Jul 12th 2014
fatimah What was i like in ur dream? like what did i look like?....awww man why cant i have these dreams about books. :( Fatimah
Jul 11th 2014
fatimah Please give me the links Ayesha...i am DYING TO READ SOMETHING.................its its its like not living because book worms need their food....n i dont have any left........................................*Cries........... Fatimah
Jul 11th 2014
Irum Guys, the other day I had a very real , very vivid dream. I dreamt that I had this big mansion-like house, and all of you were there and My bedroom was, like, this HUUUUGEEEE room with a HUGE bed and all four of my walls were bookshelves filled with books books and more books.(floor to ceiling bookshelves, like, 10 or 20 feet high). It was pure bliss. The minute I woke up, i was like, Dammit dammit dammit. It would be sooo awesome if Heaven was a world made up of books .. Irum
Jul 10th 2014
 яυмαιsα *highs fives* same here dude! яυмαιsα
Jul 9th 2014
Irum The Maze Runner? It is awesome. I've read it online. If you want to read it, i can give you the links, Fatima. I liked the first book. But the second and third are just so sad. And in the end, the ending isn't good. My favorite two characters die, and it's a really not-satisfying ending. I saw the trailer though. It was good.The actors are really putting in a lot of effort. Do you want the links of the e-books? Irum
Jul 9th 2014
Munkashay I wish the same... Munkashay
Jul 7th 2014
fatimah Man i wish i had a library of my own...filled with fictions...... so i could live a thousand lives....... Fatimah
Jul 6th 2014
Munkashay Hee hee, well I haven't seen movies, but I want to read books, they're big and fat,you know! Munkashay
Jul 5th 2014
fatimah I am a POTTERHEAD, i have watched everything n am waiting for "Fantastic beasts and where to find them" the spin off of Harry Potter........... Fatimah
Jul 5th 2014
Munkashay "Umbridge"? You people have watched the movie of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix? Munkashay
Jul 4th 2014
fatimah Hey guys anyone know bout the upcoming movie "The Maze Runner"? Fatimah
Jul 3rd 2014
Laibah Tooba pehli baat ke tum oversmart banne ki koshish bhi na karo Laibah
Jul 1st 2014
fatimah Hahahahahah @Ayesha......... Fatimah
Jun 25th 2014
Irum I heard one time a Dementor kissed her(Umbridge), and DIED!! Irum
Jun 22nd 2014
 яυмαιsα Maybe we all potterheads hate Umbridge more than Voldemort!! яυмαιsα
Jun 21st 2014
fatimah I like it when she says to Harry "Enough!" and giggles that silly giggle of hers'. Fatimah
Jun 21st 2014
 яυмαιsα "You know, I've always hayed children "....L O L Umbridge that was 'pathetic' яυмαιsα
Jun 20th 2014
Irum "I will have order" That's the best line of Umbridge!! Irum
Jun 20th 2014
fatimah Lo lol lolololoolololo Rumaisa.....surly umbridge will handle em.... Fatimah
Jun 19th 2014
 яυмαιsα Calling them mud-blood would be an insult to Lily james too.... яυмαιsα
Jun 19th 2014
 яυмαιsα I guess tooba and suhaib need a new principle, *hint hint, throws umbridge at their faces" яυмαιsα
Jun 18th 2014
Tooba Whats hermione doing here fatima ohhhhh she is here for my autograph wow and i am famous and ayesha what do you think that is a teacher sitting in font o me or i am writing a story in school no need to punctuate slimy bug Tooba
Jun 18th 2014
Irum No biggie, Fatimah, what are we potterheads for?? We gotta back each other up, right?? Irum
Jun 18th 2014
Irum Right, Tooba, you "hat" us guys. Seriously, dude, can't you atleast puncuate your sentences or something. Hermione would've had a heart attack if she saw your way of punctuating!!;) Irum
Jun 18th 2014
Asiya Oh My God!! Ayesha, that is The best Harry Potter insult everrrr!! But, yeah, like Fatimah said, It would lead to "My father will hear about this."I've always had a soft spot for Draco. Don't know whyyy??!! I guess I thought he was a misunderstood.Like me.. :) Asiya
Jun 18th 2014
 яυмαιsα Umbridge was a nightmare, but I really dont hate voldy that much, he was just at mistake, malfoy isnt bad too, the person I hate the most is that deatheater girl,Bellatrix Lestrange. And ayesha I was reading tooba's lecture on how "fatima and I and I are idiots and gandi bacheez", and I did not really get what she was tryna convey! яυмαιsα
Jun 17th 2014
fatimah Tooba u r the Shuckiest Shuck faced Shank there ever was.....filthy little cockroach... Fatimah
Jun 17th 2014
fatimah I hate him too Raveeha but not as much as i hate that oaf Umbridge.....if a dementor Kissed her IT would die..... Fatimah
Jun 16th 2014
fatimah Looooooooooolllllll Ayesha (S) you guys, really what would i do without u pottheads , but to tell Tooba to eat Malfoy's toenails must lead her to "My Father Will Hear about this" ;) :) :D Fatimah
Jun 16th 2014
Tooba Your guys stupid tongues and faces yukhhhhhhhh i hat you guys specially fatima and romaisa Tooba
Jun 16th 2014
Irum Oh my God, Tooba, you are acting like such a muggle!! Go and eat Malfoy's toe nails or something, just don't bug us... ;) Irum
Jun 16th 2014
raveeha Afifah are you a Harry Potter fan too like me?My friend Omema (she's on vshine too)also loves the series and I've read the whole series on my tab except the first two which led to a lengthy fight between me and my father cause I already wear glasses.And Fatimah,great story and your profile pic is of Lord Voldermort(I HATE him) Raveeha
Jun 15th 2014
Asiya Oookkaaayyy, that was really long, Tooba. I had to read it, like, four or five times to really understand it. No offense! Asiya
Jun 15th 2014
 яυмαιsα Tooba you might have to use a period in those BIG long lectures you right, you know..punctuate it, like seriously!! яυмαιsα
Jun 6th 2014
fatimah ***************************** Fatimah
Jun 4th 2014
Tooba Ya i am so what is your problem if you can fight so dun me and you only no body will get in and i am ready and dont that you are big from me so i cant fight apnay ap ko ziyadi na samjo dont be over smart and ii agree to fight battameez Tooba
Jun 3rd 2014
fatimah Hey wait...u must be Suhaib's sister.....aaahhhannn...that explains it...... Fatimah
Jun 2nd 2014
Tooba I likedit by mistake and other wise BBBBOOOOOOOOOO Tooba
Jun 1st 2014
fatimah Gee thnx yall. Fatimah
Apr 21st 2014
afifah Hey amazing picture:> Afifah
Apr 19th 2014
Munkashay No problem. Nice story,BTW, can't wait for the next part! Munkashay
Apr 12th 2014
fatimah Um, sorry guys but i kinda noticed some mistakes, like its not "colt" its 'cloth' and it not "Jessica goes to the infirmary" its 'Jessica GO to the infirmary', an order. and i promise to surprise u guys in the end of this story. :) :D Fatimah
Apr 11th 2014

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