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Salwa Ahmed
Salwa Ahmed
Al Wadi International School
Published On Apr 11th 2014
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Once there lived a girl named Aisha, she always wanted to have a pet. Then finally one day it was her birthday and her parents gifted her cute little cat! She loved her present but she could not decide what to name her. When she asked her mother she gave some names but Aisha wanted a unique name for her cat. "Aisha it’s too late, go to sleep" said her mother “but where will my cat sleep?" asked Aisha "In the living room" In the morning when she woke up "What a mess!" said Aisha. Her cat threw water on the sofa, scratched the curtains and threw the food on the floor. "Aisha, now your cat will sleep in the kitchen" said her mother. In the morning when Aisha came to see her cat she was shocked. Her cat messed up the whole kitchen. "Aisha now your cat will sleep in your room and if this happens again we will have to take her away" said her mother. Aisha was sad so she said "please don’t trouble again or you will have to o forever" In the morning Aisha saw her kitten didn’t do anything. “thanks for not troubling again" then Aisha jumped and said "Yes!!! I will name her Trouble. Isn’t it unique?                                                                      
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Comments 4
Laibah Hehe Laibah
Jun 29th 2014
 Shiza Nice %u2665 Shiza
Jun 15th 2014
mahrukh Very good story you should be the winner!!! Mahrukh
Apr 14th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 12th 2014

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