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Ghazal Firdous Shaikh
Ghazal Firdous Shaikh
Wilderness School
Have You Ever Taken Any Risk?
Published On Apr 8th 2014
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RISK... first of all we should know what is risk? Dictionary describes, “Risk is the possibility of suffering harm, loss or danger”, that’s absolutely true! This is a condition like any disease, helping or scarifying and achieving something great in his life. It requires adequate effort and self-belief and would leads to the triumph.
Risk can be taken into two ways i-e negative and positive. In negative way, a man for instance try to clamber a gigantic mountain which is almost impossible for the experts, but that man has no any safety precautions. You may think, “Wow! How brave is he, climbing without any equipment”. That is absolutely a suicidal act! He is risking his own life as well as for others. He won’t be rewarded in this world and hereafter as well. A man is who doesn’t throw other’s life in danger. How could he be ambitious, if he himself doesn’t know what to achieve, just to show off or something.
On the other hand. In positive way, risk taking requires some abilities, qualities, spirit and most importantly is ambition. “Legends are lessons” This world is replete with historical examples. As the Holy Prophet (s) took many risks only to protect and spread Islam all over the world. He(s) participated in many battles ambitiously to make the earth peaceful and just.
The Prophet’s(s) companions when migrating to Madina, they had to leave their families, homes and businesses only for cause of Islam. This is ambitious and definitely a positive risk as George Moore, a writer quoted, “The difficulty in life is the choice but ambitious”. This proves that risks should be taken to achieve something and not act as over – confident and lose his life without accomplishing a goal. I believe this would be an obvious ignorance as the saying goes on, “What is to be ended must be ended in this life”.
Risks are everywhere in life. For instance you terribly don’t like mathematics but you have to unwillingly work hard to get “A” grade. Unwillingly working is a risk and effort but it would lead you to great future. As Katherine Mansfield quoted, “Risk, Risk! Do the hardest thing on earth to achieve – Act for yourself, face the truth”. Studying maths might be nerve-racking but in order to succeed you have to do it. More essentially, it needs faith within yourself as one said, “Have faith and win the race”.
Risk cannot be taken by everybody. A person, who is itching to take risk, should be able to develop some required qualities within himself. He should begin with NO fear of embarrassment as Susan Demond cited, “Don’t think of what other think of you, think of the purpose or the outcomes you want”. That means don’t think for people who are just made for hypocrisy and nothing else in the modern world.
Many scientists and discovers are reckoned to be mad. Why? Because they always thought about their purpose and never thought of others. Yes! They risked their time and achieve what they wanted. Most of them did like Thomas Edison, Einstein, and Newton etc.
You must think of your talents and recognise them and then go ahead and find your destiny. Bravery is not just to fight courageously as someone mentioned, “Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is much higher and truer courage.
How much the situation is difficult, you have to build up your spirit and pass through it. Because a coward turns away, but a brave man’s choice is danger and the best way out of a difficulty is through it. Sometimes many things are difficult to design but prove easy to perform.
Risk also means sacrifice for the sake of somebody. You’ll be more lucid by having a review summary of a movie based on novel “Pay it Forward”:
“Young Trevor McKinney was assigned a social studies project by his teacher, Mr Simonet which leads to social changes that spread city to city. Trevor came up with an idea that could improve the mankind. The young boy decided that if he can do one good deed to three people and they return would pay it forward. So, then positive changes can occur. The initial recipients of the boy were a drug addict mother, his badly scarred teacher and a classmate who is constantly bullied by his peers. He began with his idea by inviting a homeless man to his home. Secondly, wanted his mother and teacher to be united and get married in order to save his mum’s fate from his brutal but absent father. It appeared to be failure is indeed a success that is not immediately known but traced back by a reporter . The reporter actually was given a new jaguar by a stranger when he lost his car in stormy weather. He the reporter then interviewed the stranger, then the person who helped the stranger and so on. At last, he reached to Trevor and asks and interviewed the kid. But a moment after interview he tried to help his classmate but was stabbed by his peers and mournfully had extinct from the world”.
In this review, the young boy actually risked and sacrificed his life in helping others.
Now I would conclude the article by a wonderful quotation which says,
“To love is to risk not being loved in return,
To hope is to risk pain,
To try is to risk failure,
But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to take risk and nothing at all”.
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Comments 11
Berha Excellent article! Berha
Jun 28th 2016
Berha Excellent article! Berha
Jun 28th 2016
Anonymous Hey jiya i really need to talk to you! Anonymous
Jul 6th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Thanks Chocolate! <333 Ghazal Firdous
May 23rd 2014
Anonymous It's so true! i enjoyed reading it... i've learned so much from your meritorious article i love it! i love your vocabulary too, it's great! Anonymous
May 18th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Oh Thanks Tooba :) Ghazal Firdous
May 14th 2014
Tooba Nice article ghazal Tooba
May 12th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Thanks! Ghazal Firdous
May 3rd 2014
Gullasht Gud Gullasht
May 2nd 2014
Fardeen Ahmed Thats good, sister! Fardeen Ahmed
Apr 9th 2014
Faez Ahmed Well Done! Faez Ahmed
Apr 9th 2014

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