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Iman Abbasi
Iman Abbasi
Beacon House School System
Oh!!! Mouse!!!!!
Published On Apr 8th 2014
Total Comments : 26
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A= I am in a big trouble.
B= Why is that????
A= I saw a mouse in my house.
B= Oh, all, you need , is to do is use a trap.
A= I don’t have one.
B= Well, then buy it.
A= Can't afford one.
B= I can give you mine if u want.
A= That sounds good.
B= All you need to do is to use just some cheese in order to make the mouse come to the trap.
A= I don't have any cheese.
B= Okay, then, take a piece of bread and put a bit of oil in it and put it in the trap.
A= I don't have oil.
B= Well, then only put a small piece of bread in it.
A= I don't have a bread.
B= Then what is a mouse doing in your HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Comments 26
Alishba junaid Ahemadani Lol !! Very nice Alishba Junaid Ahemadani
Feb 20th 2015
Rihab Funny Rihab
Oct 25th 2014
shehram Not that funny :P Shehram
Aug 30th 2014
samra :-D gud Samra
Aug 1st 2014
Rida LOL!! :P Rida
Jul 17th 2014
Aneesa Magnificent! Aneesa
Jun 26th 2014
ADA And whats ur problem its her choice and life is it ur problem? Ada
Jun 2nd 2014
Ahsen Not funny. Ahsen
May 29th 2014
Mahnoor :D Mahnoor
May 27th 2014
M. Hashir WOW!!!!!! M. Hashir
May 16th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
May 12th 2014
Zainab Hahaha! Well that was funny! Zainab
May 11th 2014
areesha Its just awesomèee Areesha
May 11th 2014
Iram Marvallous Iram
May 10th 2014
Samia Funny Samia
May 9th 2014
zahaab Lol! it actually made me laugh my lungs out! Zahaab
May 2nd 2014
Unicorny LOL! That was really funny! :) Unicorny
May 2nd 2014
Ghazal Firdous Well Simply LOL!!! :D Ghazal Firdous
May 1st 2014
laraib Lol Laraib
Apr 22nd 2014
laraib Lol Laraib
Apr 22nd 2014
M. Amazing!!!!!!! M.
Apr 19th 2014
iman Marukh what's the matter to say such big hahaha you could have written lol simple......... Iman
Apr 15th 2014
mahrukh Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mahrukh
Apr 14th 2014
iman Thanks everyone for liking and commenting my joke...... Iman
Apr 12th 2014
rameen I agree with yusuf Rameen
Apr 12th 2014
Yusuf AWESOME:) !!!!! Yusuf
Apr 10th 2014

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