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Amna Muqadas
Amna Muqadas
Beconhouse School System
Published On Apr 8th 2014
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 Mom... A short word with 3 letters but it’s very powerful and touchy word. Greatest word of all words is Mom. Life ends at her and starts at her. Without your mom you are nothing. She is the one behind all your success but behind your failure it’s you because you are the one who never listened to her. You cannot blame on her for anything even she is bad because she has a right that she could even kill you but you cannot even say a word to her. She loves you always. In your eyes you may have grown up but in her eyes you are always a kid. Your one Ouch makes her feel like she is dead. Just to fulfil your one desire she could do anything. A single tear from your eyes makes her cry the whole day. You get hurt but she is the one who feels the pain. Your soul mate, your companion, your best friend, your friend is your Mom and you only have one so there is no chance you could lose it. She makes you a successful and a happy person and from her you get to know what’s good and what’s bad for you because your mom is always with you in the home but father is outside busy. Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) too said three times our mom’s name and then our fathers. So from now let’s take an oath we would never ever misbehave with our mother.
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