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Silver Oaks School
The Sacrifice
Published On Apr 8th 2014
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Long ago a boy named Ryan was walking in the forest to search for his father who was a woodcutter. He kept walking ahead when suddenly a cave came in front of him. He decided to explore the place. After he went in the cave he saw some light coming from the end of the cave. He went to the place from where that light was coming from. He was surprised.
It was glowing stone. When he picked it up he disappeared from the real world and ended up on a world where the sky was green instead of blue. The sun was black instead of white. There was no grass but a clean tile made earth. At a distant he saw a castle. Ryan was confused and scared. He went towards the castle. A little far from the castle was a small poor village. When he went into the village he was surprised that they were humans but not aliens. He also saw that some knights were beating a poor old man for refusing to the king. He went to the knights and said “stop bothering the old man”. A knight answered “who are you to tell us what to do and what not”. “I am Ryan from earth”. The people shook with surprise and the knights became afraid and went back to the castle.
He also was confused and thought that did people here get scared of names? The old man and every one of the village at him with surprise and bowed to him and said “the chosen one is here” again and again. He asked the old man that what is happening.
The old man told him that he was a beggar and they were half human and half alien. Their skin was like human but their body organs were of aliens. The old man told him that they were threatened by a cruel king called king Fame and told him that some of their forefathers told that a chosen one will come to their world and would come from earth.
At first Ryan didn’t understand anything and said “look people I am no chosen one but an ordinary boy who just wanted to find his father”. The people kept telling him about what the king did to them and at last he understood and promised he would save them.
Meanwhile the knights told the king about Ryan and he got scared and sent in one of his troops to kill Ryan. The knights attacked the village when Ryan was helping people repairing things which king Fame destroyed. The knights searched the village and finally found him. Ryan was a little afraid when the knights came but then he thought of the people who would suffer because of his fear so he challenged the strongest of the knights to a battle who was Sir Nicholas. He was also called the young Fame because he was the son of the cruel King.
The villagers gave Ryan armor and gave information about young fame. He made a plan to kill him. The villagers gave him a sword for attack and a shield for protection. The battle began in a stadium where fame was also watching the show. It was a kid battle because young fame was only 3 and half years older than him. The battle began. Young fame had already won because he had injured Ryan badly and fame was laughing so hard that some of his servants went away from the stadium but in a moment Ryan cut off Sir Nicholas’s head and he was the strongest and then Ryan hurried towards fame and cut of both his legs. Fame asked for mercy but suddenly a knight came and injured Ryan badly. He was twisting in pain but still in his final moments he killed fame and restored peace to the village. He was taken to the village for hospitality but it was too late. Ryan the chosen one had gave his life to save the village and he was remembered as their greatest hero and the new and wise king made a statue of him in order to salute his bravery.
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Comments 6 Thank you
Jun 5th 2014 You are a great,brilliant and intelligent child
Jun 1st 2014 Keep it up
Apr 23rd 2014
Khalid A nice try, keep it up. Khalid
Apr 14th 2014
Ahmad Nice one abdullah. Ahmad
Apr 10th 2014
Tooba Good Tooba
Apr 10th 2014

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