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Ahmed Mansoor Nami
Ahmed Mansoor Nami
Bss Middle Branch
King Midas And The Donkey Ears
Published On Apr 7th 2014
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Once again the story I will tell you,
About king Midas the selfish,
And how his greed grew,
And what he never learned from previous wish,
So Apollo and Pan had a match,
To see whose music was better,
The opportunity Midas did catch,
So Midas sent them a letter,
Asking them to make him one of the judges,
He was chosen for the competition,
At Apollo’s music the king didn’t budge,
Whereas the other judges were having fun,
Everyone liked Apollo’s harp,
But Midas liked pans pipes,
Now Apollo was very angry and sharp,
He could give Midas punishment of many types,
But this one was rather special,
He gave him donkey ears,
The punishment was facial
This the king couldn’t bear,
He hid his secret for long,
And his rule was strong,
But his hair needed to be trimmed short,
And to the barbers shop he was given an escort,
The barber came to know the kings secret,
And to himself he couldn’t keep it,
So he went to a mountain which was actually echo
As the wind started to blow,
The barber’s voice started to echo,
 Midas killed the barber in one mighty blow,                                                             
The king died of shame,
But it was the king himself to blame.
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