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Rayan Rehman
Rayan Rehman
The Story Of Waggle Bed Kingdom (part 5)
Published On Apr 6th 2014
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Now the king and also the slave gathered around Raphael. Raphael now thought he is the leader. Raphael said, "Dad I am gonna take 1000 soldiers and you should keep 100 horses. Our army would leave as soon as possible so that if we battle against them we would fight far from our kingdom....what it.. this is not gonna work said, "Richard dad let me complete, said Raphael yes, ok go on said Richard" Rapael carried on, "We would fight and fight but if we are about to lose we would retreat letting them follow us. Later on you would be ready with the rest of our army and then we would fight together to win!" well I think it would have to work because that’s our only choice said, Raphael. The very next day, everything was ready soldiers were equipped and also the leader was ready. Today Raphael thought his dream is about to be come true and thought he is the new king of waggle bed kingdom. As soon as the royal palace gates opened Raphael saw many people with many banners shouting Raphaaeeeeeel! And some saying Waggle bed kingdom would win!!!! Raphael got courage from this and they went off to complete the greatest task to complete their destiny and Raphael was there leading but also he knew the world counts on him especially THE WEGGLE BED KINGDOM!!!....
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Comments 5
Gul Noor No punctuation. Hardly understood. And makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gul Noor
Jul 26th 2014
Rayan Well... right now there are 7. Rayan
Jul 21st 2014
Laibah How many parts are there? Laibah
Jul 19th 2014
Rayan Well read all of the parts to understand the story. Rayan
Apr 18th 2014
Abdul Ali Could not understand Abdul Ali
Apr 13th 2014

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