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Unaiza Ijaz Akhtar
Unaiza Ijaz Akhtar
Pakistan International School
Butter Fingered
Published On Apr 8th 2014
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Once upon a time there was a girl called Maria. She was a very tiresome girl. She was also Butter Fingered. Whenever she saw things made of glass or mud, it was to be broken in one minute. Gradually she was becoming older and older.
Now once, what happened is that   Maria’s   mother told her that her Grandma was very sick. She had caught a bad cold and a very High Fever. She had to take some fruits to gift her, so she feels better. She also warned her not to touch anything made of clay or glass
Her Grandma had a very precious vase passed on to her by centuries. When Maria saw it, she forgot what her mother had told her and started to touch it. While she was holding it, her Granny s white and a fluffy cat suddenly came running around with a big “mew” and Maria got so scared that the vase fell of her hand! “WHAT will happen now?!” Maria felt   very scared. Now that her Granny was in the bed. “Maria what did you do?”Shouted her Grandmother, looking disturbed. “N-N-othing Granny.” “OH! I Think, you’ve broken  my vase, Don’t be scared, Actually  this was already broken several times by me when I was your age. I was also a bit Butter Fingered but then I stopped touching glass ,so you see ,I really don’t touch glass now. Actually my maid cleans all the glass stuff in my home.”“Oh! I’m so Sorry”said Maria, weeping, “That’s alright.”Said Grandma.
She had learned her lesson, and now she no more breaks any glass! Her Mother’s really astonished to see how things changed so suddenly.  Are you Butter Fingered?
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Comments 10
Laibah No Laibah
Jun 29th 2014
kanza I used to be butter finger hahahah Kanza
May 5th 2014
kanza What??? Kanza
May 5th 2014
kanza What??? Kanza
May 5th 2014
mahrukh I am not Mahrukh
Apr 18th 2014
Abdul Ali Nice try Abdul Ali
Apr 13th 2014
HAFSA Nice and i am not butter fingered Hafsa
Apr 11th 2014
Unaiza I dont care...! Unaiza
Apr 11th 2014
mahrukh Very well! Mahrukh
Apr 10th 2014
Tooba Its nice feel sorry that no comment Tooba
Apr 10th 2014

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