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Aneesa Masood
Aneesa Masood
International School Of Myanmar
My Eyes
Published On Apr 5th 2014
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I start my day by opening my dizzy eyes
My eyes show me the chilled, breezing morning,
fresh thundering rain,
the bloomy spring leaves,
and the clouds of January
They give me a view of white fluffy bread
and enjoyable milk tea
Then i start my sunny, sparkling afternoon
My eyes show me the bright, boiling sun
fresh green land
and the busy road  of traffic going to school
They give me a view of
white luscious rice
and yummy mixed vegetables
Then i start my lovely evening
My eyes display me the sun going down,
students coming from school
and the horrible, busy road
They give me a view of
frosty brown ice cream
and crispy chocolate chip cookies,
by eating those things my evening ends
Then i start my dark creepy night
My eyes show me the chilled, breezing night,
dark thundering rain
and bloomy spring leaves
They give me a view of
white delicious rice
and tasty spaghettis
And i end my day by closing my dizzy eye.s
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