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Taha Khan
Taha Khan
Beacon Light Academy
The Loving Child
Published On Apr 22nd 2014
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In the early ages lived a rich woman. She had blonde hair and had a white complexion. She always wished that her child would be like her. She prayed day and night. Then one night she gave birth to a boy but that women did not like that boy and thought he was disgusting because he was nothing like his mother. He had black curly hair and had a brown complexion. She wished she could throw that boy in a dustbin. She lived with that boy with hatred and disgust. She would beat him and scold him. She would even refer him to an animal. But that boy wouldn't mind and would think that her mother loves him most of all. All the other members of that boy's family loved him dearly and would tell her mother to treat that boy pleasantly but that horrid women did not listen. she would keep beating him and would lock him in a bedroom. Whenever her friends would come she would make her child a servant. She would keep him starving and would only let him eat the leftovers but that child wouldn't mind and would thank Allah what He had given him. Then she would not let him go to school as she thought that her money would be wasted so she made him a servant and made him do the entire house hold works. Then one day her wicked evil mind thought of a nasty plan. She took her child to a park and in that park was bridge underneath which was flowing river. She took her boy to the bridge and pushed over the edge in the river. The boy cried "help, help mother help me please." but that horrifying mother laughed a wicked laugh and said," you deserve this you scum i hated you from the day you were born. But now i have gotten rid of you. hahahahahaha." the boy drowned and the women went back to her house feeling very relieved but what she didn’t know was her disturbed life. On that night she heard her child crying for help. She saw his pitiful face. Then she woke with a sudden shock. she was socked with sweat. This went on for days until one day she became mad and started running towards the road. Then in a sudden blink of an eye she was lying dead. a truck had rolled over her. Nobody felt sorry for her death but was pleased.
Moral: Always thank Allah what He has given to you and treat others kindly for you don’t know what awaits for you next.
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Comments 4
subuhi Good story Subuhi
Jul 13th 2018
Disenchanted. Amazing story Disenchanted.
May 1st 2014
Ghazal Firdous Very Interesting :D Ghazal Firdous
Apr 24th 2014
Tooba Oh poor child what a pity an on the other hand very well written Tooba
Apr 23rd 2014

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