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Shameen Fatima
Shameen Fatima
Mr. Cabin Public High School
Never Back Down
Published On Apr 3rd 2014
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We all have times in our lives when we are knocked down, sometimes by our rivals, sometimes by our family, sometimes by friends and sometimes by our own will-power. At that time we feel as if all our energy has been drained out. We feel like we're lost. I don't know about any of you but I certainly had that time. Believe me, that was the most difficult time ever. I felt like a complete loser. I felt as if the world was against me. There are times when people will tell you that you can't do this, you can't do that. They are going to try and knock you down for good because people around us are not all good. They want to see you helpless and weak. But what you got to do is get back up and show them that you're not weak. You have to show them that they are in over their heads. They are mistaking you. You have to tell them that you can be much better, you can do much better. What I'm trying to say is that NEVER BACK DOWN. Don't give up. Whatever happens, be ready to face it and be ready to prove the world wrong.   
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Comments 5
Areeba Its good to never give up!!whatever the situations is how hard it is..put your Trust in ALLAH first and be strong but in our bad times or whenever we are facing hurdles the one and only person who support us our family they would't knocked down.Our family is always there with us when even the whole world is against us!!Family love never ends! Areeba
May 10th 2014
Sakina Not exactly different words from what every one else says but this doesn't work. I face too many challenges and I still face them and you could say it's a daily routine to be told off by some one. I believe in myself but no one else does. I am not giving up on what I wanna do but you can't tell every one that because sometimes life actually gets too hard and than we have to see what is suitable for that moment. Sakina
Apr 7th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Its Encouraging! Ghazal Firdous
Apr 6th 2014
Ghazal Firdous Its Encouraging! ^_^ Ghazal Firdous
Apr 6th 2014
princess Wow Princess
Apr 3rd 2014

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