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Tooba Fatima
Tooba Fatima
Ems High School
Talking Flowers
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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Once upon a time there lived a boy near the Tip-Tap village. He was called footy because he had small feet. He was of six years old. His father was a manager of a factory and his mother was a doctor. He lived in a big huge pretty house. One day his mother was very ill, so his father called a doctor. The doctor said to footy that you need to bring a wild flower which talks with its friends on the bushes so your mother will be fine. Footy was surprised to hear the doctor saying (talking flowers).So footy asked the doctor in which jungle that wild flower grows. The doctor said there is a jungle in north Asia. So footy made up his mind to go to the jungle. Then he went there and was amazed to see that it was not a jungle but it was a rain forest. OH...OH. He might get wet. He went on running..Suddenly he heard a soft low voice. He looked down and saw the wild flowers having tea and are talking and chattn with each other. He cleared his throat and asked on eof the flower. Excuse me, little miss wild flower i want to pluck you up because my mother is very ill and i want to take you so she would feel better. The flower agreed and let footy take her. Then he got home he gave the flower to his mother. She was so happy to see her alive and hugged him. Few days later his mother was feeling better and every one were happy again. Thank you. I hope you liked it
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Comments 14
Areeba DEAR TOOBA i want to be your friend Areeba
May 11th 2016
Rabia Nice story Tooba! Keep it up;-) Rabia
Jun 30th 2014 I love it
Jun 6th 2014
ADA Superb tooba keep up ur hard work Ada
May 27th 2014
Tooba Thanks sawera ans suhaib Tooba
May 24th 2014
sawera Nice Sawera
May 24th 2014
aleena Tooba i want to be your friend answer me soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aleena
Apr 18th 2014
Tooba Ok saman sorry Tooba
Apr 13th 2014
saman I havent said your brothr any bad words i am not like you Saman
Apr 11th 2014
suhaib AWSOME Suhaib
Apr 10th 2014
Taha Good Taha
Apr 9th 2014
Tooba Thanks guys Tooba
Apr 7th 2014
Soha GREAT!!! Soha
Apr 4th 2014
Ahmad Awesome! Ahmad
Apr 3rd 2014

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