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Zoran Haq
Zoran Haq
The Portrait
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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Robert was gone out for a walk. There was garage sale somewhere and he stopped by to look around. There were all sorts of junk here and there but a large portrait of a man sitting on a chair captured his fancy. The frame was shiny and golden .In the background was also an eagle with its wings open. The picture had a life like quality and it was cheap too. Robert brought the portrait home and decided to hang it in the living room. The day passed like any other day. Robert went to his bed after watching television. He felt sleepy and instantly jumped to bed. In the middle of the night Robert thought he heard something the noise grew loud it was as if something was fluttering he went downstairs turned the lights on. He was shocked to see the chandelier moving. Other than that all was fine so he went to bed. The next day Max came. He was Roberts best friend he told him that the portrait was beautiful and suggested he move it to his bedroom.
Robert liked the idea and moved the portrait to his room. At night Robert fell asleep only to wake up. Hearing fluttering sounds whooshing over his head. He thought he was dreaming and didn’t get up .Only moments later he was attacked by something heavy it scratched his face and he struggled with it. He was now sure it was a large eagle and somehow he escaped and turned the light on .All he found were a few feathers. But he could not sleep. He called Max and told him everything. Max thought may be the portrait had some curse or magic he fold Robert to burn it before he was harmed. Robert pulled the portrait off the wall and took it outside he poured kerosene oil on it and burned it and as soon as he burned it he heard a shriek and he was sure he saw the smoke turn into an eagle and flew away.
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Comments 2
hibba Keep it up ;) Hibba
May 23rd 2014
Soha Good! Soha
Apr 4th 2014

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