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Maikham Adil
Maikham Adil
Karachi Public School
The Kingdom Of No Rules (part 2)
Published On Mar 27th 2014
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As in Part 1 of this story Qasim entered a strange place where all the people were enjoying with a lot of noise. Suddenly a few people came running towards Qasim. They shouted "Live Long Life, your Highness, Live Long Life" Qasim was shocked. He said "Who I am?", "Where I am?", "Where is my room?" A man said, "You are the king of this whole place, your Highness. This is the “Kingdom of no rules". A few days ago you gave an order that from now on nobody would follow any rules and nobody would do any work and this kingdom would be known as "The kingdom of no rules". Qasim was very excited. He thought "The kingdom of no rules", that means from now on I will not have to do any work. OH!  It will be really amazing". After that he asked the man, "If I am the king then where is my palace?" The man said "There, your Highness", and he pointed it out to him. Qasim could see a huge palace with a garden not very far away. He quickly ran towards it. He entered the palace and he sat on his huge and comfortable chair. But he was very shocked to see that there were no courtiers except the one sitting on the floor playing a video game. Qasim asked him "Where are the other courtiers?" The courtier replied, "Don't you remember, your Highness that this is the kingdom of no rules. Nobody does any work here so all the courtiers are gone for a picnic". After that the courtier started playing his video game again. Qasim was a little surprised but he was feeling hungry so he asked the courtier "Go and bring me something good to eat". The courtier replied sternly, "Your Highness i just told you that this is the kingdom of no rules and nobody works here. All the cooks are gone outside for fishing so there is nobody in the kitchen". Qasim asked, "Then who is going to cook my meal here?". The courtier replied, "I don't know", and saying this he left the palace leaving Qasim quite surprised. After a little while a group of soldiers entered the palace. A king was standing in front of them holding a long dagger.  He told Qasim,"I am the king of Dumdum land and I am here to conquer this area of yours. As there are no rules and nobody works here so I can easily take it over". Qasim was shocked. He called his soldiers but no one came. They were all outdoors. Then the king of Dumdum land ordered his soldiers, "Go and put this king in the prison".  Suddenly 4 soldiers marched forward and caught Qasim. They were about to take Qasim when he woke up and he looked around. He was in his own room. This was only a dream but Qasim understood that our life without rules and discipline is nothing so he quickly cleaned his room.
That's why we all should work hard and obey our elders.
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Comments 5
Ashra Please make my friend Ashra
Apr 27th 2014
Ashra Perfect please accept my request Ashra
Apr 26th 2014
Soha This is going good :) Keep it up Soha
Mar 29th 2014
tehreem Impressiv story.........keep it up Tehreem
Mar 28th 2014
Wajiha Nice story Wajiha
Mar 28th 2014

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