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Maikham Adil
Maikham Adil
Karachi Public School
The Kingdom Of No Rules (part 1)
Published On Mar 27th 2014
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Qasim was playing games on the computer. Suddenly his mother entered his room. Qasim's room was full of mess. All the things were out of their places. His mother shouted, "Qasim, shut down your computer now and clean your room. I am going to the market to buy a few things and when I come back your room should be tidy otherwise I will throw your computer and all your video games out of your room's window." After saying all this, she went out of Qasim's room. Now Qasim was a lazy boy. He quickly closed his computer and looked around his room. His room was really untidy and he did not want to clean it so he thought, "First I will sleep for a while and then I will clean my room". So he jumped on his bed and went to sleep. Suddenly there was a blinding flash. When Qasim opened his eyes he found himself in a strange place where there was a lot of noise and all the place was covered with empty cans, wrappers and pieces of paper. Many children were playing there and many adults were playing or just sitting and enjoying themselves.
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Comments 2
Soha Nice starting.... Soha
Mar 29th 2014
Eraj Nice Story Eraj
Mar 27th 2014

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