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Areej Zahid
Areej Zahid
Iqra Army Public School Tarbela
The People Who Beg
Published On Mar 27th 2014
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I went to the shop to buy something new
I bought a pair of earring and tasty dew
My mother bought a dress and my father a shoe
We did the payment as everyone would do
But no one thinks for poor begging people
Who don't have even a thread or a needle
Those are the ones who deserve this money
But most people ignore and think they are funny
There are young girls who also need earrings
And rich parents for loving and caring
They are the ones who need it all
Not the rich shopkeepers with houses so tall
Poverty is leaning above their heads
So poor they are that they are near to be dead
My heart crashes when I see their innocent faces
I feel pity on people with these cases
Witting and ignoring for their little needs
Just relying on Allah for their good deeds
I got tears when I see those orphans in old houses
No one is there to defend them from mouses
No loving parents for loving and caring
Nor the blankets of people so daring
I give thanks to Allah for so many blessings
For very good parents and many dressings.
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Comments 2
Shaheer 6.25/10 Shaheer
Jun 6th 2014
KHAN You give thanks to Allah for dressings?Also Dew is fizzy not tasty so I give this poem a 7.8/10 Khan
Mar 30th 2014

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