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Riko Tachibana
Riko Tachibana
Suna High School
Robert The Doll!
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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Somewhere in the 1800's, there lived the Natsu family. Mr. and Mrs. Natsu had given birth to a son named Will. They decided that they would get him a nanny for when they weren’t home. But that was the biggest mistake they ever made.  The nanny was actually a witch and practiced the dark arts of voodoo. She was the devil's servant and utterly hated children. So on Will's 10th birthday, she gave him a doll. It was a plain and simple toy with a sailor suit on, and form the minute Will laid eyes on it, he fell in love with it. His parents were a little annoyed with the gift since the son was playing with something that a girl his age would play with, but they pretended to not be bothered by it. But soon enough, strange things began to happen. The first thing they noticed was the strange things the doll did. One minute they would set it in Will's bedroom and the next he was in the kitchen. And also Will changed. He was always a well behaved kid but knows he always lashed out and whispered strange words to himself. He also would never leave the room without Robert (which is what Will named him). The parents were very worried.
When Will was 18, he moved out and married a woman named Miku Hughes. Miku was totally in love with Will, but one thing bothered her. To that day, Will STILL carried the doll with them everywhere. Miku and Will's marriage was normal for the first two weeks, but then it all changed. Once again, Will's personality changed. He would always be mad and would sometimes be violent to his wife. One day Miku got the courage to talk to Will, and she asked him why he was acting this way. The only word he said was, "Robert." Miku was tired of the stupid doll. She flung him up in the attic and closed the door for good. But that only made things worse. During the night Miku could hear banging on the attic door and sometimes she felt like someone was watching her. When she told her husband about the weird feelings she always had, Will told her that it was Robert who was causing the trouble and the reason he was giving them problems was because he wanted a room in which he had a view. Miku was anxious at first but then she set him into the spare bedroom where a window overlooked the street they lived on. Many neighbors and friends reported to Miku that they could sometimes see Robert through the window walking around in the room. Kids who lived on the block also said that anytime they walked their dog, it would bark at the window. It seemed like everyone had seen the weird doll named Robert in the window. But once again, Will became violent. He started to punch Miku and cuss at her. Soon Miku was done and got divorced from him. She moved away and remarried. But the weird thing was right after she moved away, he died.
 Weird right?
And there was no cause for it... After a museum heard about the story, they asked to have Robert as one of their exhibits. Soon enough, they had Robert all set up. To this day Robert sits in the Fort East Martello Museum. People say that to take a picture with Robert, you first have to ask him politely ask him if you can. They say that you Will see a slight movement with his head and Will either shake his head yes or no. If you don't, Robert Will curses you until the day you die...
Author’s Note: P.s search on Google “Robert the doll”(images)…this is really a true story guyzz!!!!!!!!! Pretty plzz see it…LIK RIGHT NOW!!!
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Comments 13
Fatima I've heard about robert the doll. I hate those scary dolls! Ans this story freaked me out Fatima
Sep 13th 2017
Aliza  So awesome i really pursue these types of stories Aliza
Jul 17th 2016
Gul Noor I checked it out. So spooky. It's kinda like Chucky. Have you seen the movie, The Curse Of Chucky. Gul Noor
Jul 27th 2014
qurratul May Allah Send You to JANNAH!!!!!! Qurratul
Jul 24th 2014
Tooba Oh riko we will miss you Tooba
Jun 17th 2014
Munkashay I checked it, he i pretty scary! *Shudder* Munkashay
Apr 5th 2014
Riko And thank u dear v shine editor, for posting my story(Also I sent a painting, can u post that as fast as possible...I would be so grateful!) Riko
Apr 5th 2014
Riko And GOD...i dunno why?..but i too like disney dolls.. about a week ago i was asking my mom to buy a "merida"(from brave) was type of a figurine..GOSH I WISH I COULD ADD PICS.It was tooo awsum. But i have many figurines like anime figurine, afterall i am an otaku^__^ Riko
Apr 4th 2014
Riko Soha dear, there are no ignorant comments, why are u saying lik this??? Riko
Apr 4th 2014
Soha Leave those ignorant comments. Ur story is great! Soha
Apr 4th 2014
fatimah Like ur doll seriously gone?thats awesome n horrible. looks like these demonic thingies like dolls but they sure arent getting mine (p.s i have a sleeping beauty doll, weird i know, but am so obsessed with them wont it look seriously odd that Disney doll killing me...ughh...) ya the annabelle doll was introduced in the conjuring but it was only a small part so they r making a movie on it like "Childs Play" wasnt enough. but all the same i would rly be exited if the do. Fatimah
Apr 3rd 2014
Riko God!!I so freaking hate dolls, i mean COME ON, they have such creepy faces and they just stare at you.I had 20 dolls when i was little they used to sit on my shelf, one day when I turned on the lamp(the shelf was above my bed), all of them were like staring straight into my soul.The other day I just covered them in my mom's make up thingys and threw them out of the window.And i clearly remember that 1 of my dolls got lost i mean it was there at night but in the morning when i threw them out 1 was not. and i also had a dream about it walking and killing my family, such a creepy!!!Oh and BTW thnks for praising my cousin actually told me this so just added a few deatils and TADAAA!!And i also read about annabelle..the movie 'THE CONJURING'' is based on it...Right??? Riko
Apr 3rd 2014
fatimah OMG! OMg omg, this is so damn scary. and yeah its true cuz i have heard kinda same story about 'Annabelle' the doll. its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome. i am totally freaking out right now. you Riko are the best for posting excellent stories. and i just saw that robert doll's face , the thing that confuses me is that why the hell would anyone love a doll with such an ugly face...*shivers*... anyways i know one thing bout these dolls that ppl think have demonic souls in them are actually nothing but the things that control them count.those things are the reason of the bad happenings. Fatimah
Apr 2nd 2014

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