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Ahmad  Akhtar
Ahmad Akhtar
Silver Oaks School System Gulraiz Rawalpindi
Sword Of The Lion
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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Once upon a time in the Stone Age a meteor fell from the sky and it destroyed the dinosaurs but just after humans were born on earth the meteor disappeared but it left some of its stones on the earth. In the Bronze Age a sword maker’s son found those pieces of stone. They were glowing so he took them to his home. When he saw the stones he was impressed. When his wife heard about the stones she asked the sword maker to sell them but he refused.
He wanted to make a sword. After two and a half years the sword was completed. That sword was as sharp as a pin and glowed as bright as the sun. After a few years he died but he asked his son as his final wish to give the sword to the king. When he presented the sword in front of his majesty the prince was amazed who was sitting next to his father. The prince’s name was Prince Leo.
Prince Leo bought the sword and named it the sword of the lion. Prince Leo was interested in battles and loved sword fighting. After four months a knight came to the town and had no mercy on the poor people of the village. The knight’s name was Sir Lars. After prince Leo knew about the knight he challenged him to a sword fight.
Sir Lars agreed. On the day of the battle, the prince and the knight got ready for the fight to death. They arrived in the arena. The fight began. They fought power to power, fist to fist and sword to sword. When the sun glowed brightly prince Leo’s sword glowed even brighter which was surprising. By this the knight got distracted by the glow and in a minute the prince killed the knight but in the knight’s final moments he killed the king who was sitting right next to him. The prince was angry and slashed the knight’s body into a lot of pieces. After two days the prince was known as the king.
After 8 years of ruling he decided to go on an adventure. He took the sword of the lion with him. He went to the star mountain to discover something. On his way he found himself in trouble because a tiger was in front of him and had to fight it. He took out the sword and began to scare him. He was getting close to him but the tiger jumped on him. As it jumped on him he put the sword in front of him and the tiger was killed. He climbed to the mountain’s top. There he found a small cave. He went into the cave and found a brown chest. On it was written “this is a gift from heaven for the king Leo”. When the king opened the chest and found a golden sword handle on which a lion’s face was made. As he fixed it with the sword nothing happened. Then as it started to rain he said “I wish I had fire” and the sword flew in the air and pointed at the floor and fire started to burn.
After it lit the fire, the sword fell down. King Leo picked it up. Then he wished to return to his castle and he was teleported to the castle in his royal room. After that he became powerful and helped the poor. His fame grew bigger and started to have more enemies. The one which attacked never came back. One day a man with a helmet on his face. He challenged King Leo to a battle. The king accepted the challenge. On the battle ground he said to the sword turn into crystal fire sword and it did. The fight began. At first it seemed that King Leo will win but at the end the stranger threw the king on the ground and took off his helmet.
To everyone’s surprise he looked like Sir Lars. At that moment everyone knew he was the son of Sir Lars and was out for revenge but King Leo got on his feet. He asked the sword to kill the man but the man wasn’t killed. In fact he was even buried. Soon the crowd was gone and everything was back to the way it was.
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Comments 2
Shaheer Goood try for another one. Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
Soha Lengthy but a gud one :) Soha
Apr 4th 2014

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