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Habiba Hamid
Habiba Hamid
Jaffar Public School
The Grievous Truth
Published On May 2nd 2011
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May 2011

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I wanted to go away. Leave the house where I was born forever. Leave behind everything, my family, friends and foes. No one cared about me. They didn’t know what I wanted. I was alone. When in pain or trouble I had no shoulder to cry on. I wished someone to care about what I thought. I wanted to abandon everything but the fact that they were proud of having me as a daughter, kept me from doing so. At school I was a shy child I didn’t have any friends with whom I could share the problems of my miserable life. I had not a single drop of content. I was always a failure at school.
Until that day the day which changed my life, my character, everything. It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep. Feeling thirsty I made my way to the kitchen for a drink. On my way there I passed my parents bedroom. I was surprised to see the light on and voices coming. Curious, I put my ear to the door. My parents were talking in a very worried tone. I only understood parts of it. Just as I was going to leave the conversation I heard something, which made my hair stand on ends. I was trembling. Finding the strength I made my way back to my bedroom. A dreadful reality had just struck me. I had never realized that my parents were sacrificing themselves for me. I had heard my mother say that she would make some money by selling her old clothes to make new one for me. She was denying her wishes to fulfill my needs! And I was not at all caring about anything. They were always concerned about me and I did not even lift a finger! How mean and selfish I was.
From that day onwards I tried to help them in every way that I could. I prayed for them and started giving them gifts on events like mother’s day and father’s day. I stopped demanding things. I never asked them for a single thing.
As time went on, I made friends, who were happy to have me at their homes. I studied very hard and made my parents proud of me. I was now satisfied with everything I had.
Hmmm…good work, Miss Madison, I pleased to see that you have written a very good essay. It reminds me of a quote; Victor Hugo once said ‘life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.”
The class clapped loudly and Rebecca turned red with pleasure. “Thank you, thank you.” She replied in return.
She then went back to her seat and paid attention to what the teacher was explaining.
After school Sophie who was Rebecca’s best friend asked, “Hey, how did your essay go? Was it alright?”
Rebecca flung her arms around Sophie, “sop, the teacher liked it very much and I was even praised for it. But I don’t think that I have done the right thing. I mean to say that it wasn’t my work it was yours. You helped me in writing it, without you I was completely a hopeless case. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I’ll never forget your generosity.”
“Oh, common don’t go saying that. What are friends there for, huh?”
Rebecca smiled and together they walked hand in hand down the street leaving the hustle and bustle of the school behind.
Just as they were going to part, Rebecca showed Sophie a poem that she had written. “Here I wrote it for the young world. What do you think of it?”
You truly are an angel,
Sent from heaven high above
Bringing warmth and goodness,
And filling everyone with love!
You’re so wonderful
That you had me from the start!
You showed me joy and happiness,
And you instantly won my heart!’
Sophie tickled pink and said, “I have never read a poem better than that”
Rebecca looked pleased with herself and thought that she was very lucky to have a friend like Sophie.
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Comments 14
Ayesha Congratulations! Did you get the gift? Ayesha
Jun 2nd 2017
Saba Wonderful Saba
Jul 28th 2011
Jun 22nd 2011
Habiba Thank you everyone Habiba
Jun 21st 2011
muhammad aleem G00D keep it up Muhammad Aleem
Jun 18th 2011
Jun 17th 2011
Momina Parent's love cannot be compared! Nor can friends! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Momina Parent's love cannot be compared! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Narmeen Congrats! Narmeen
Jun 4th 2011
Zernab CONGRATS TO YOU! Zernab
Jun 1st 2011
Habiba Thank you! Habiba
May 6th 2011
Bint waseem Goood! Bint Waseem
May 5th 2011
Aisha A brilliant story. I just love the main theme and the way of writing. The words are also used wisely. Keep it up Habiba. Aisha
May 3rd 2011
Farial Pari Habiba..! good story...! keep it up...! Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011

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