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Bakhita Maryam
Bakhita Maryam
Linderhof Lahore School System
The Fourteen In One
Published On May 2nd 2011
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A box of bricks with huge walls around, surely a room
Having a bed to sleep and rest, it’s a bedroom
Where books are read and the knowledge is spread, also a library
Spending the day and night under the lamp, surely a study room
Pants are hung and the dresses are set, it’s a closet
Eating the meals and taking the suppers, also a dining room
Clients are hired and the jobs are done, surely an office
Where lectures are delivered and students are taught, it’s a classroom
A row of pupils busy on systems, also a computer lab
Where worships are performed glorifying the Lord, also a prayer room
Documents are treated and the paper works are done, surely a book center
Conversations are held and the arguments are resolved, a dealer's discussion room
Researchers are done and the web is explored, it’s a net cafe
All the above are in one.  Yes! The Fourteen in One Room
Neither the palace nor the manor, it’s just my little little room
But I'm going to leave you pretty soon, 
Oh my little Room, Oh my little Room
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Bint waseem NYC!1 Bint Waseem
Oct 22nd 2011

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