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Rayan Rehman
Rayan Rehman
The Story Of Waggle Bed Kingdom (part 4)
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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So now the slave said, "Sir one of our messengers told us that he saw about 3000 people marching forward with about 2000 horses and with different equipments to battle and gain our Waggle bed kingdom!" We are doomed, we are doomed, and we are dead! Help us someone shouted king Richard."Dad calm down there might be a way to win this battle" said Raphael."How many soldiers do we have and horses"! said Raichard. The slave replied, "about only 2500 soldiers and 600 horses"."What I can't believe it we are doomed." said Richard but again he got in a hurry and said, "Call my Barons I need money to get a big army quickly"."Right away sir" said the slave but when he was almost about to go Raphael stood up saying wait! I have a plan........What plan we don't have time" said Richard."Listen carefully father but you need to let me go with the army and lead them because I don't want you to go." said Raphael."What I am your dad and you are being the boss saying I can't lead my army!"said Richard. but dad that is not what I meant because if I lead the army someone like you needs to be here. But son I can't let you go you are the only one I have when your mother died. But dad please, please this is my dream to come true and become a hero. Now the slave and the king were quiet still. And after this the king said ok but what is your plan. Ok dad here it is my plan..........
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Comments 2
Laibah Wats da plan? Laibah
Jul 19th 2014
Soha Nice.. Soha
Apr 4th 2014

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