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Mehak Khan
Mehak Khan
Generations School
The Family-to-family Rule
Published On May 2nd 2011
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One sunny morning there came a knock at the door. Suleiman rushed and opened the door with delight to see his friend but oh no! Uncle John was there, wearing black shirt and blue pant. Suleiman forgot that today is Sunday. Every Sunday he and his uncle had to go to meet his cousin Faizan. Faizan was a very naughty boy and nobody liked his tricks even strangers. It was a Family-To-Family rule that father and son or uncle and nephew like Suleiman and Uncle John had to go to their cousin’s house. His father was a very busy man so he didn’t had time that is why Uncle John had to go. Suleiman didn’t want to go at all and so did Uncle John but they had to go. The meeting time was 6 o’ clock till 8 o’ clock but the two hours were like 2 DAYS to Suleiman! Suleiman thought and thought what to do but nothing came into his mind. He was also having a terrible headache but he knew nobody would believe him because everybody knew that he didn’t want to go to Faizan’s house.
“Go and get ready Suleiman, your uncle is waiting” said his mum. He went upstairs sadly when suddenly an idea popped up in his mind. “What a MARVELLOUS idea!” thought Suleiman. His idea was, that when he will reach Faizan’s house after a minute or two, he will go to the washroom. He will not come out till 1 hour and when he will come he will act like he is having pain in his stomach. Then his uncle will take him back home. “What a wonderful idea!” thought Suleiman, happily. And he ought to tell the truth afterwards. He went to his room and got ready very quickly indeed. Then rushed downwards. “What is the matter with him? I never saw him so happily when going to his cousin’s house thought Suleiman’s mother, Mrs. Trong. “Something is going on”
After half an hour he and his uncle reached Faizan’s home. Faizan was very happy to see his cousin. He had thought of new tricks very naughty indeed. He thought of playing them with Suleiman. Suleiman knew his tricky face so he was sure Faizan was up to something. After a minute or two, Suleiman rushed to the washroom with his hand on his stomach. He sat in the washroom and luckily he had brought his book. He read his book till 1 whole hour and then came out of the washroom when the clock struck 7 o’ clock. He made a very pain look on his face and came out slowly, very slowly indeed. He told his uncle about his stomach. His uncle thought that he was right because he stayed in the washroom for too long. And this time Uncle John did believe him. He took Suleiman back to his home. Suleiman felt terribly sorry because he hadn’t told the truth and even because of him he and his uncle came back home so early and the Family-To-Family rule was exploited. On the way home his uncle asked loads and loads of questions from him about his stomach.
When finally they reached home, Suleiman felt very nervous. He rushed to his room first and then realized his mistake. He went downstairs and told the truth to his mother, father and uncle. They felt very cross because of his silly mistake. “Suleiman, how come you did this?  You didn’t even thought about the Family-To-Family rule? Asked his mother. “Mom, it’s not my fault. You know Faizan’s naughtiness. Said Suleiman. “I don’t want to stay with him, not even a single minute.”  “You could have told me, but you did a silly mistake instead!” shouted mum. “Mom, whenever I told you that I don’t want to go to Faizan’s house, you every time say that “No Suleiman, you have to go” replied Suleiman with an angry look on his face. “Ok, now stop this quarrel; I know its Suleiman’s fault and Faizan’s also. He shouldn’t have done such a silly mistake but we can’t do anything now said Suleiman’s father, Mr.Trong.
Suleiman felt very sorry for his mistake. And Faizan too! Faizan was listening to all this. He came to see how Suleiman was but he heard everything. He felt very foolish “Oh no! What have I done! I have broken the Family-To-Family rule. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have to be so naughty. And now the punishment for me is that I will get rid of all the naughtiness in me and will be a nice boy” Thought Faizan. He promised to be a nice boy and he was! Even to strangers. He told everybody why he was so nice and everybody felt proud of Suleiman and Faizan too. “If you hadn’t done this work, Faizan would have never been so nice, Said his mother. “I’m sorry to scold you like this. And I’m very proud of you my son. “Its ok mom and I really love you mom.” Said Suleiman “And now the Family-To-Family rule is not broken”, Said Mrs. Trong. And from then the two boys were the best cousins and friends.
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Comments 2
Momina Very Good! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Farial Pari Interesting topic mehak..! nice done.Please try to write more as it will shine your abilities....! Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011

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