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Maria Baqai
Maria Baqai
New Middle East International Scool
I Will Do It Tomorrow
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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There was a girl named Alice. She was a good girl and obedient. She listened to her elders and obeyed them and used to love the young ones.....She was a good girl but she had only one bad habit of delaying her work. She never did her work at time and always said that "I will do it tomorrow!”
 Once it was happened that she tore pocket in her jeans. It was a hole in her pocket. Her mother told her to sew it but due to laziness she said "I will do it tomorrow."That day her aunt came to her house to meet the family when her aunt gave her 50 pence as a gift.
When her aunt went back to her house, the girl took her mother's permission and went to the candy shop to buy her favourite candies. She kept the money in her pocket but when she finished her shopping, she slipped her hand into her pocket to take out her money but what all she found in her pocket was a hole. She kept all the things back and was very sad while going back to her house when she noticed a girl crying, sitting under the shade of a tree. She went and asked her "what's the matter, why are you crying?" The girl replied that she went to her friend's house for her birthday party and tore her favourite frock which was a gift from her mother. She said that her mother would scold er for that. Then Alice went to Aunt Safie as her mother instructed her to borrow the box of threads and needles from her, she brought the box from her aunt and went to the girl she met under the tree. Alice then quickly sewed the torn frock of the girl. The girl thanked her a lot and said that her frock looks as pretty as new...
Then that girl took out 50 pence from her pocket and said that she found them on her way to her friend’s house and you must take this money from me as you have sewed my frock. When Alice saw the 50 pence she realise that they were the money that fell from her pocket while she was going. She accepted the money and went to the candy shop and bought the candies.
 As soon as she went home, she sewed her pocket and told the whole story to her mother and hence she learnt a lesson and never delayed her work again.
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Comments 6
Fatima Ggud Fatima
Sep 15th 2017
Aiza Nyc Aiza
Jan 5th 2017
AINA Beautiful so from this story we learned that never delay u r work mmmm cool Aina
Sep 4th 2014
Tooba Cool Tooba
Apr 17th 2014
Soha Wow! Nice story :) Soha
Apr 4th 2014
raveeha I think i have read it somewhere before Raveeha
Apr 4th 2014

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