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Atiya Aslam
Atiya Aslam
Habib Girls' School
Be Yourself
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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Once there was a girl named Sarah. It was Sarah's Best friend Amna's birthday. Sarah was in grade 5 and wanted to gift something expensive but her parents couldn't afford so luxurious items. In Sarah's class there were many rich girls they always showed off their expensive items but Aman told her to ignore them but Sarah wanted to show every one that she could also give something expensive. When Sarah went to buy a gift she liked a perfume of Rs 2500. Sarah didn't even bother to check the fragrance of the perfume. But because of Sarah's begging her mother had to buy her the perfume. Sarah happily wrapped the gift and went to the party. At the party when it was time to open the gifts Amna opened them but at last only two gifts were left one of Sarah and other of the rich girl. Sarah insisted Amna to open her gift first so Amna agreed. When Amna opened the gift everyone was impressed to see the perfume and asked Amna to try the fragrance. When amna tried the fragrance everyone made a face as the smell of the perfume was very unpleasant. Sarah became a laughing stock as everyone was making laugh of her taste. But as a true and a wise friend amna handled the situation and opened the last gift. Sarah was shocked to see that the girl who changed her mobile every three months brought a book of 'ancient civilization' which was Amna's topic of interest. Sarah was very ashamed and learnt her lesson.
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Comments 11
Fatima Fine Fatima
Jun 10th 2017
sajahir Please accept my freind request Sajahir
Aug 23rd 2016
sajahir Please accept my friend request Sajahir
Aug 11th 2016
Fatima  Mehdi Good Fatima Mehdi
Oct 1st 2014
Atiya Thanks Atiya
Sep 19th 2014
eman Nice! Eman
Sep 18th 2014
Atiya Thank You Atiya
Sep 14th 2014
shehram Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! NYC Shehram
Aug 29th 2014
Marwa Nice story !!! Very true . Be Yourself !! Marwa
Jul 17th 2014
Atiya Thank You Atiya
Jul 10th 2014
Soha Hmmmmm good story! Soha
Apr 4th 2014

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