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Minhil Bukhari
Minhil Bukhari
The Advance In Technology From The Viewpoint Of A Grandfather
Published On Apr 2nd 2014
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The birth of technology has changed the lifestyles of people. Everything that was done physically in our time can now be done by the help of any modern gadget. Each and every thing is handled on computers from multinationals to sole trader accounts.
Yesterday, when I asked my grandson to post a picture to his Aunt, he just put it on a rectangular machine and the picture was copied on the computer. He said he'd mailed it to his aunt and that she'll get it soon. When I asked why he couldn't just go to the post office, he replied by saying: "It's a long way. Why take a longer path if you can just send it sitting at home."This has made the coming generation really lazy and too sluggish. We went through the elaborate task of writing a letter and posting it whereas nowadays sending an e-mail is just a matter of few minutes. I still personally believe that words stamp the emotions better on the heart. There is this facebook, skype, and twitter that my grandson was talking about that day to a friend of his on skype. He told me it was basically a website where you could follow famous celebrities. I just thought it was a pure waste of time.
Then there is the use of mobile phones, which I never considered had any benefit for the young generation at all. Texting, texting and texting. Does it even have a meaning?! Last Sunday when my grandson's friend came over, I just went into their room to have a chit chat with him but all I could keep notice of was the fact that he didn't even look at me for a second. His eyes were stuck and fingers moving on the touch-screen mobile phone he told me he had bought. I don't understand what people see in this small gadget that attracts everyone so much that hardly a person in this world would we deprived from the facility of having a phone.
The introduction of modern medicines and surgeries has reduced the risk of many  diseases, but at the same time it has also decreased the life span of an average person. We are living up to the ages of eighty and ninety but today people can live no more than seventy years of age.
 The world has made many advances, but most of these advances are not good. Technology has wiped out the old practices, which were still a lot reasonable. The older lifestyle has become obsolete. Still, I understand that the world order is always changing over centuries but no such advanced technology has been invented till the twenty-first century. The technologies, although helpful, are a very big harm to us, ourselves. The youth today is being damaged. Tecchnology has threatened the peace and health of the youth. They no longer have the ability of imagination like those writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as someone has said: "As cities grow and technology takes over the world, belief and imagination start to fade away." Actually everything is fading away. The ability to think, write, learn and interpret. Overall, this advancement in technology would lead us to really bad times in the future and our generation won't even be there, there will only be the youngsters today and their robots.
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Comments 2
MARYAM It's really true... we shouldn't always be depended on the technology always we should even do things by ourselves.... what I mean is that we shouldn't always be depended on technology when we can do things ourselves.... Maryam
May 9th 2014
Ghazal Firdous That's an Amazing Article, I must say. KEEP IT UP ^_^ Ghazal Firdous
Apr 8th 2014

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