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Sana  Minhaj
Sana Minhaj
The City School International Jeddah
Life In 2050
Published On May 3rd 2011
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A long time ago, there was a movie based on how life would be in 2010. It's 2011 now, and neither do we have flying cars, nor self-writing pens. But that was back weren't aware of the wonders of Science. Nowadays, scientists are inventing new things. I think that life in 2050 could be very different than the life which we lead now. The means of transportation could be different. We might have hover boards which teenagers could be using instead of motorbikes. And we might have pens that would be directly connected to our minds; we'd just have to think and it'd be on the paper. But that's all from the good perspective. I wrote earlier that life would be very different than the life we lead now. I was estimating differently. But I think it would be better if we estimate life in 2050, keeping in mind the actions which we do nowadays. We litter the environment with noise pollution, water pollution and air pollution. Global warming is taking place. Our Earth is being destroyed. In 2050, we'd be taking occasional trips to the moon and the moons of other planets because of our Earth would be too hot to be lived on. We can change the future, though, by changing our lifestyle. Instead of littering here and there, we can throw litter in bin sand use cycles or walk short distances. If we don't change the future for the next generations, who will? We can start by doing small things and others will get influenced by us. One spark starts a fire. With one little action, the chain reaction will help things start. So, let’s care for our future and our future generation if we want to see and know how our future is going to be.
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Comments 11
RAFIA Your story was superb . i want to tell matie Ur that we donot know our life so it is not good to comment like this with negative thinking. May ALLAH give US LOND LIFEEEE............... Rafia
Apr 2nd 2014
Amna Just wanna tell ya that plz accept my req becz i luv making new frendz. Amna
Oct 8th 2013
Atta Sana how r U Atta
Jan 20th 2013
Alyina Excellent work Alyina
Oct 10th 2011
M@ry@m Nice M@ry@m
Aug 2nd 2011
Sana Thanks Mehwish, Momina and Matie Ur.. Sana
Jul 13th 2011
Jun 17th 2011
Momina Good Story! Momina
Jun 12th 2011
Mehwish Excellent story........ we really need to save environment..... once again tremendous job=) Mehwish
May 5th 2011
Sana Thanks, Farial! :) Sana
May 3rd 2011
Farial Pari Hey...Sana...!! good work..!! 2nd story who's topic include's numbers..!!! tremendous story.! Farial Pari
May 3rd 2011

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