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Qurratul Ain
Qurratul Ain
Usman Public School Campus Vi
The Ka'abah
Published On Apr 3rd 2014
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The Ka’abah is a Holy place for Muslims, Situated in Makkah , a popular city of Saudi-Arabia. It is the first home of Allah. It was constructed by Hazrat Ibrahim A.S {KHALILULALLAH} and his son Hazrat Ismail A.S {ZABIHULLAH} Allah S.W.T had guided them. They had made it in a cube shape. Muslims all over the world visit this place. They perform Hajj and offer Salah. The direction of Ka’abah is called our Kiblah. Muslims offer Salah facing towards Ka’abah . Scientists have discovered that It is the epicentre of the world + No bird  or any airline aeroplane can fly over it. I never went there, but I want to go at Allah's home, Sometimes I wonder that how lucky are people who make Hajj by Allah’s call!
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Comments 25
qurratul SHIZA.... Tumharay campus mn koi MARIA TAHNISH AND NABA parhti theen last year... ap kis class mn hain............. Qurratul
Mar 17th 2017
qurratul ............................. PAPERZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ FINISHED......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now what are your plannings for holidayzzzzzzzzzzz??????? LET'S ENJOY..................!!!!!!! Qurratul
Mar 17th 2017
qurratul Thanks But its not mine or my sister's real picture :0 :) I had taken it from google...U can read the more from my one of the drawing "Castle...!" Please read my last comment of that drawing......Hope u'l be clear....!!! Well thank u sooooo much.......*o* :) :) :) Qurratul
Jun 23rd 2016
LAIBA I LOVE your and NOORULAIN'S hijab:-D Laiba
Jun 18th 2016
qurratul Thanks... Best friend.s...............ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss....... Qurratul
Sep 11th 2014
Sep 11th 2014
qurratul GUYS.................:(:(:(!!!!!!!! Qurratul
Jul 15th 2014
qurratul Oh too sorry for that:(!!! I didn't know that you had made your another I.D in V.Shine!!!When my sister told me then I came to know.Tooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for that and for replying very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very late.And I'm happy too because The month of Ramadhan is coming soon and do you know that in Ramadhan Lailat-ul-Qadar also came which is better than thousands of nights and months.But I'm a little one sad too because we can't be able to open our computerzzz...I'll try to open it after the aftari. Well...Any way............. Ramadhan Mubarak to my all friendzzz,children which have logged in here to get knowledge. Once again... "RAMADHAN MUBARAK...........................!!!" Qurratul
Jun 27th 2014
 Shiza I am studying in this campus since 3 years but I don't know any girl named shiza in this school........ But I will ask it from my class mates. Shiza
May 13th 2014
qurratul There is another shiza javeed also in your campus hai na? reply zaroori!!!:):):):):) Qurratul
May 12th 2014
 Shiza 3. Shiza
May 3rd 2014
qurratul Yes I know that thing very well.Campus? Qurratul
May 2nd 2014
 Shiza It is very informative and you know we both study in same school........... Shiza
May 2nd 2014
qurratul Zainab!What is happen to you?why you are not answering my question????????????????? Qurratul
Apr 27th 2014
qurratul THANXS MARYAM! Qurratul
Apr 26th 2014
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 26th 2014
Ashra Good Ashra
Apr 26th 2014
qurratul Zainab!I've asked you something!You didn't replied YETTTTTTTT!!! WHY???????????????????????????????? Qurratul
Apr 25th 2014
qurratul Why have you changed your profile picture ? Zainab has said to me!MAIKHAM!!! Qurratul
Apr 19th 2014
MARYAM It was nice MashAllah but you know that no one is perfect.And I even do wish your dream comes true.InshAllah it'll Maryam
Apr 15th 2014
qurratul Why zainab? Qurratul
Apr 13th 2014
Zainab You must change your profile picture. Zainab
Apr 13th 2014
qurratul THANK YOU!!! Qurratul
Apr 11th 2014
aeman I loved this Aeman
Apr 10th 2014
Maikham Very informative!!! Maikham
Apr 5th 2014

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